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Case Management Software for the Manufacturer

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Successful manufacturing companies put their customers first. It’s that simple. Putting your customers first makes them feel appreciated. It also guarantees they’re delighted with customer service when problems come up. In return, your customers come back. They are also willing to send their friends, family, and colleagues to your company.

Integration of Epicor’s Case Management software is so easy, especially with the help of Tomerlin-ERP. We can help you get comfortable with the software before integrating it into the system. Then, we can train all of your employees on the new product. With Epicor software in place, you are already well on your way to becoming customer-focused.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Epicor ERP Case Management software.


Case Management


What Is Epicor ERP Case Management Software?

One of Epicor ERP’s core business management platforms for manufacturing is Sales Management. This platform is made up of seven modules to help you to improve your customers’ experiences:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Case Management
  • Quote Management
  • Demand Management
  • Estimation Management
  • Order Management
  • Configurator Management

Case Management is the module that focuses on the customer experience. It gives your clients a personalized, high-quality customer service experience. This software allows your customer service team to respond to all customer inquiries. This is possible because they can find the client’s information in a single location.

You no longer need three different systems in place to access information about your customers, your company, and your inventory. It can all be found in the case management system. The software gives your employees access to:

  • Customer contact information
  • Case notes
  • Appointments and scheduling history
  • Client communication log
  • Billing information

Each case tracks the information from every single interaction with your customers. This helps you by making them feel cared for. The collection of data begins with their initial call. That first call opens a new case. The case ends with resolving the customer’s problem, concluding with a follow-up call. This helps to ensure the customer was happy with the service they received.

Case Management Software Features

Case Management software comes with many features that make this positive customer experience possible. Every part helps to make sure the customer service representative is:

  • Well-informed on clients and their potential problems
  • Able to perform call resolution without tracking a supervisor down for answers
  • Understanding of call resolution protocols

These features are in place to help the customer feel like they are being prioritized.

Search-Driven Knowledge Base

Case management gives customer service representatives access to information to answer client questions. Access to this information helps the customer service representatives to be informed on pertinent topics, and it gives them a glimpse into:

  • Summaries of existing customer field service calls
  • Customer and product warranty information
  • Service contracts

This allows your customer service representatives to handle call resolution without reaching out to superiors to get the job done.

Case Dashboard

The dashboard provides your customer service team with snapshots of client details in real-time. This includes workflow and resolution as well as access to the knowledge base. Each case will have a customizable view of the customer’s specific needs, including an overview of their case.

Case Workbench

The Case Workbench feature allows your customer service representatives to access new quotes, orders, and service calls. Managing RMA requests has also never been easier.

Your employees will be able to do all of this without having to track down the proper paperwork in that old filing cabinet or search an entire database for that one crucial piece of information. Everything is accessible from the case management software.


The Workflow feature helps you create a standard operating procedure for how the service team handles every customer case. Workflow is driven by customer satisfaction. If you find that your method isn’t leaving as many customers satisfied with your customer service, you can alter your standard case resolution procedure.

Benefits of Implementing Case Management Software

Implementing Case Management software helps to improve productivity and increase efficiency. Since all of the information related to each case is in one location, it takes less effort to bring up the data. This makes it easier to find answers and resolve your customer’s problems. It is also helpful in turning your business into a paperless company.

Case management software will help your service team to deliver first-rate customer service. From the initial call from the customer to problem resolution, the service team representatives’ focus is on the customer.

Case management software can help your company manage deadlines and remind you to get in touch with whenever you may need to and/or follow up with your customers after a few days to ensure they are getting along without further issues with your products or services.

The Case Management module is easily integrated into your existing Epicor software.

Why Are Pleasing Your Customers So Important?

Whether you are just starting your company or have been around for decades, you know that your customers are the metaphorical wind behind your company’s sails. How you treat them determines whether you get to keep moving forward or you get stuck in stagnant waters.

Happy customers will come back for more. 65% of a business’s profits come from its existing customers. Retaining customers is so much easier than going out and finding new customers whenever sales start to dry up.

When your customers keep coming back, you aren’t spending nearly as much money on advertising, and you are still making a profit. Happy customers will do whatever it takes to ensure that your company stays in business.

Pleasing your customers will help you receive (and maintain) a good reputation. If your customers are pleased with your products and services, they will tell other people about you.

In the age of modern technology, every single one of your clients will likely know someone who can benefit from your company and be able to get in touch with them within seconds. They will readily share a recommendation with a few phone taps onto their social media accounts. All of their followers will instantly decide whether your business can be trusted.

When new customers come streaming in, they likely heard about you from someone who had a great experience with you.

Happy customers are willing, to be honest with you. They can help you figure out what isn’t working for your company, and they will provide you with valuable feedback on how to fix the problem!

When customers are unhappy with your services, it can pose a problem for business. There is a chance that it can ruin your company’s reputation. This lousy reputation may prevent many customers from giving your company a shot.

How Can Tomerlin-ERP Help?

As always, Tomerlin-ERP is entirely prepared to train your entire team on Epicor’s Case Management software. The training is role-based, meaning that you will get training that is completely specific to the needs of your business. If you integrate case management into your existing ERP system, we can help make the transition easy.

We offer three types of training, including Live Classroom Training, Live Remote Training, and Webinars. The kind of training that you receive will depend entirely on your employees’ level of experience with the ERP software.

Live Classroom Training involves live, in-person training with a hands-on approach. It is excellent for beginners who don’t know what Epicor software is. Live Remote Training is available for those who have some experience in ERP software but still need to learn how to use the system. The webinars are ideal for ERP experts who need to learn the basics of case management software.

When you hire a consultant to handle the training, you can be confident that your employees will be thoroughly trained without the stress of:

  • Finding time to do it yourself when you may not understand the module
  • Delegating the task to your customer service manager to train every last employee

You can rely on Tomerlin-ERP because we have the most experienced consultants in the industry. We’ve been working exclusively with Epicor ERP software since the 1990s. Tomerlin-ERP is a one-stop shop for everything involving Epicor.

Get Started Today

It’s essential to consider your customer’s experience with customer service. If they don’t have a good experience, you may lose their business. It may also affect your company’s reputation. The sooner you implement the case management module, the sooner you will guarantee a better experience for your customers and reap the reward of installing this software.

Contact Tomerlin-ERP today to schedule training for Epicor ERP Case Management software.