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Monte Tomerlin,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified Consultant,Epicor Production,Epicor Distribution,Epicor Financials,Epicor Tools,Epicor ERP Consultant

Monte Tomerlin

President, CEO
Certified – Financials, Production, Distribution, and Tools
Los Angeles, CA

Monte has been an Epicor® Kinetic ERP consultant since 1998 when he formed Tomerlin-ERP, an Epicor ERP Consulting firm. Over the past 20+ years, Mr. Tomerlin has performed 350+ original  Epicor implementations, 100+ re-implementations, and optimizations of existing systems, and managed 125+ data migrations. He excels where others struggle in the areas of Epicor Job Costing and Epicor Job Scheduling. Job Costing and Job Scheduling are the two primary reasons many companies purchase an ERP system. To reduce WIP, reduce lead times, project realistic ship dates, ship on-time, and free up your capital for other uses, such as funding growth, Monte will properly implement and then train your staff in the correct procedures for Finite Job Scheduling.

Monte is a certified senior consultant in the production, distribution, financial, and tools modules. He also has a BA in Business and Finance from Trinity University.

Jon Farley,Manager IT Services,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified Consultant,Epicor Tools,Epicor ERP Consultant

Jon Farley

Mgr – IT Services
Certified – Installation and Tools
Indianapolis, IN

Jon, an Epicor® Kinetic IT expert, is a very experienced degreed network and database consultant with 20+ years working with Epicor® Kinetic ERP systems. These systems include, but are not limited to, Epicor 10, Epicor 9, Vantage, and Vista and 20+ years with Epicor ERP server network administration. Jon has installed and administered hundreds of server platforms meant for Epicor ERP software. He specializes in troubleshooting, performance tuning, and optimization. Jon’s knowledge spans a number of categories, including Windows servers, SQL, Progress, other databases, terminal server, virtualization, firewalls, network switches, server hardware, and web servers.

Jon is experienced with both core and supplemental installs for Epicor ERP 10 and he is certified for all Epicor ERP and related installations.

Manager Custom Programming,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified Consultant,Epicor Tools,Epicor ERP Consultant

Jeremiah Moore

Mgr – Customizations
Certified – Tools
Cochranton, PA

Jeremiah began custom programming Epicor® Kinetic ERP applications over 20+ years ago and he is our senior programmer for Epicor® 10, Epicor® 9, Vantage®, and Vista®. He has worked with customers throughout the entire evolution of the Epicor system, from the early version of Vista and Vantage through the deployment of Epicor 10. Jeremiah has written literally thousands of custom utilities for customers of all industries.

He has in depth experience creating customized SSRS and Crystal Reports. This allows the custom forms (sales order acknowledgment, packing slips, invoice, etc) to be modified for a professional look, complete with your logos and color schemes. Jeremiah is our in-house expert on creating custom screens, fields, BAQ’s, dashboards, quick searches, BPM’s, etc. These tools help to facilitate data entry and retrieval by your end users.

Don Agostino,Certified Epicor Consultant,

Don Agostino, PhD

Mgr – Training
Certified – Financials, Production, Distribution, and Tools
San Diego, CA

Don has been an ERP consultant since 1981 and an Epicor Kinetic ERP consultant for 25+ years.  Don has served as the project manager and/or lead consultant on 200+ ERP implementations and has assisted many customers with their upgrades from the Epicor legacy products.

Don is certified by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) and has been a speaker at their National conventions. He has delivered certification training in the APICS and helped many companies improve their lead time, capacity utilization, and profitability by adopting these principles. Don holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MBA in Operations Management.

Don is a certified senior consultant in the production, distribution, and financial modules.

Joanne Dube,Canada,Epicor Consultant,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified Consultant,Epicor Production,Epicor Distribution,Epicor Financials,Epicor ERP Consultant

Joanne Dube

Certified – Financials, Production, and Distribution
Montreal, QC, Canada

Joanne has been an Epicor Kinetic ERP consultant for 15+ years ago. She is a certified implementation and training consultant for Vista, Vantage, Epicor 9 and Epicor 10 ERP software with a 100+ implementations. She is an expert in all E10 core modules and most advanced modules, including but not limited to, Financial Management, Security, Sales Management, Job Management, Field Service, Engineering, Material Requirements, Data Collection, Quality Assurance, Inventory Management, Shipping/Receiving, Purchase Management and Multi-Company.

Joanne has consulted on EpicorKinetic  ERP software implementations which involved start-up system configuration, data transfer from legacy systems to Epicor ERP software using the DMT utility, user training, and development of customer specific video and written documentation of the client’s business processes.

Joanne is also fluent in both French and English and is a certified senior consultant in the production, distribution, and financial modules.

Kerry Ropelato,Manager Implementations,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified Consultant,Epicor Production,Epicor Distribution,Epicor ERP Consultant

Kerry Ropelato

Mgr – Prod/Distb Implementation
Certified – Production and Distribution
Ogden, UT

Kerry began implementing software 20+ years ago and launched his career in the implementation and training of Epicor Kinetic ERP 15+ years ago. He has worked extensively with Vista, Vantage, and E9 products. Mr. Ropelato has a thorough working knowledge of all of Kinetic® 2021, Epicor 10, Epicor 9, Vantage, and Vista core modules, including but not limited to, Security, Sales Management, Job Management, Engineering, Material Requirements, Data Collection, Quality Assurance, Inventory Management, Shipping/Receiving, Purchase Management and Multi-Company.

Mr. Ropelato with his client, American Nutrition, was an active participant in the Beta testing of Epicor 9.

During his software consulting career, he has worked primarily with clients in the aerospace, electronics, food, foundry, and industrial parts industries. Kerry has primarily been a hands-on consultant with Epicor ERP products managing both implementation and training project.

Kerry is a certified senior consultant in the production and distribution modules.

Dan Simonton,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified Epicor IT Services Consultant,Epicor ERP INstallations,Epicor Tools,Epicor ERP Consultant

Daniel Simonton

IT Services
Certified – Installation and Tools
Seattle, WA

Daniel is an Information Technology professional with 20+ years of experience, specializing in; Systems Administration, Databases, and Webservers in multiple platforms. He has worked for small startups and Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, and Amdocs.

Prior to his consulting business, Daniel led the Systems Operations team for the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. He has had extensive training and certification in numerous technology disciplines including VMWare 5, Storage, Cisco Switches, RedHat Linux, Microsoft Windows Server (2003-2012), Oracle, SQL , MySQL, F5 Load Balancers,  and PERL. Dan is an expert in both IIS and Apache webserver and has worked extensively with cloud platforms such as Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Daniel is certified in Epicor installations and tools.

Steve Cornelison,Epicor Custom Programming,Epicor Custom Reports,Epicor SSRS Custom Reports,BAQs,BPMs,Dashboards,Epicor ERP Consultant

Mike Marr

IT Services
Certified – Tools
Muko-shi, Kyoto, Japan

Mr. Marr has programmed in dozens of languages for enterprise-class applications for 40+ years in nearly every industry. As the data and reporting manager for Providence Health, Mike led Providence’s transition from a Crystal Reports reporting environment to an SSRS real-time, actionable-intelligence team of hospitals. The breadth of Mike’s experience means deliverables will be met while increasing customer value and reducing costs and risks in many areas of business not just limited to the task at hand. As a former Project Manager, Internal Auditor, Lead Programmer, Business Systems Analyst, Lead Data Architect, IS Help Desk Supervisor, Trainer, Presales Engineer, Configuration Manager, Enterprise Systems Development Manager, and brutal tester; rest assured, Mike’s perspective will prove very valuable.

Mike takes pride in designing and building fault-tolerant, scalable solutions. The United States Postal Service, Department of Defense, IRS, Twitter, plus many banks, manufacturers (including Ferrari), telecoms, insurers, and hospitals have solutions he developed, touching the lives of billions across the planet each day.

Mike graduated from Purdue University with a BS degree in Management Information Systems.

Mike is certified in Epicor tools.


Steve Cornelison,Epicor Custom Programming,Epicor Custom Reports,Epicor SSRS Custom Reports,BAQs,BPMs,Dashboards,Epicor ERP Consultant

Zarina Valdes

Financial Consultant
Certified – Financials, Production and Distribution
San Antonio, TX & Monterrey, NL, Mexico

Zarina has been a Financial Consultant for 10+ years; starting with Deloitte in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. While with Deloitte, she assisted public companies the their public filing of their IFRS adoption and Financial Statements. After Deloitte, she was hired by Epicor® Software Corporation to provide Epicor ERP professional financial training and consulting services for its customers located in Canada, Mexico and the United States. During that time, she worked as a financial lead, managing the financial aspect of Epicor ERP implementations. While with Epicor, she worked with more 100 customers on Epicor 9, Epicor ERP 10, 10.1, 10.2, and Kinetic performing implementation and training services.

Zarina has a strong understanding of the interactions between Epicor ERP production and financial modules, while her expertise focused on the Financial Management modules including Multi-Site and Multi-Company environments. She is considered an expert with Credit Card Processing, XL Connect, and EKM.

Zarina is fluent in English and Spanish. She is trained in Mexican GAAP and financial regulations, as well as, US GAAP and IFRS; and is certified in the production and distribution, and financial modules.

Zarina is certified in Epicor Kinetic production and financials including XL Connect.


Gezeta Leonce

Gezeta Leonce

Project Mgmt & Epicor ERP 
Certified – Project Mgmt, Production, Distribution, Financials & Tools
Toronto, ON, Canada

Gezeta is an ERP Project Manager and Epicor  Kinetic consultant for 15+ years. She earned her PMP certification from Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2010. She is also a Licensed Professional Engineer of Ontario (PEng), Lean Management, and Certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

Her engineering background along with the ERP experience allows Gezeta to gain a quick understand of the client’s process and procedures. Gezeta is well versed with the Epicor Signature Methodology and the standards from the PMBOK, she uses a combination of both to ensure smooth implementations. She has managed several large-scale multi-company, multi-site and multi-languages projects. In addition, her skills include XSOL, a process modeling software.

Gezeta has worked with many ERP systems some of which include Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, but primarily focus has been Epicor Kinetic ERP, including Vista and Vantage. She has worked with clients in the mining, automotive, electronics, medical, food distribution, and industrial parts industries.

Gezeta is a certified senior consultant in the production, distribution, tools, and financial modules.




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