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Tomerlin-ERP has Epicor ERP Customers in all lower 48 states, Mexico and Canada

Hommer Tool manufactures custom mold-ready components for plastic injection molds and automotive die castings. They are the turnkey, single source for both square and round precision mold components, including: cavity component, custom cores, rotating cores, custom core pins, thin-walled ejector sleeves, complete stack-up tooling, cavity and core blocks, out-of-round tooling, and die cast tooling.

Chicago, IL

Hommer Tool

B/E Aerospace designs, develops, and manufactures aircraft cabin seating, lighting & engineering solutions, oxygen systems, food and beverage preparation and storage equipment, galley systems, water and waste systems, and advanced lavatory systems. It also provides cabin interior reconfiguration, program management, and certification services.
Wellington, FL

B/E Aerospace

Prescott Metal is a supplier of precision sheet metal, structural components, and precision tubular frames for a wide variety of machinery and equipment manufacturers. We deal primarily in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel fabrications.
Biddeford, ME

Prescott Metal

Synchronous Aerospace is now owned by PCC Aerostructures, specializing in precision machining, shett metal fabrication, complex assemblies, metal finishing, and composites.
Los Angeles, CA

Synchronous Aerospace

Ronlo Engineering develops and engineering precision cast parts and forgings to their customer’s specifications. They also make precision finished products from extrusions, bar, sheet, and plate.
Camarillo, CA

Ronlo Engineering

Donson Machine is a specialized contract manufacturer of precision machined parts and assemblies.  With core competencies in CNC milling and CNC turning.
Alsip, IL

Donson Machine

Advanced Technologies develops innovative surfaces for the contract, hospitality and retail markets.It manufactures  decorative thermoplastic and metal laminates for commercial and residential use.
Greensboro, SC

Advanced Techologies

Accratronic Seals  is a build-to print job shop specializing in ordnance related products including hermetically sealed connectors, initiators, detonators, and cartridge bodies.
Burbank, CA

Accratronic Seals

SeaBotix pioneers the development and manufacture of observations class MiniRoVs, providing the widest range of capable MiniROVs in the world with more sensor options than any other. No other MiniROV systems offer the highest level of performance, intuitiveness, and value for a diverse range of applications.
San Diego, CA


Monroe Industries, located in San Antonio, Texas. Monroe, incorporated in 1971, is a manufacturing, fabrication and general machining center that services the construction, mining, safety, medical, and oil & gas production industry. The machine shop offers complete turn-key solutions to machining needs, including material procurement, heat-treating, turning, milling, grinding, honing, welding, plating, assembly, packaging, and deliver.
San Antonio, TX

Monroe Industries

Dooling Manufacturing uses a proprietary process and one-of-a-kind machines to produce close-grained castings at high production rates. Its innovative machines produce parts that are far superior to those produced by any other casting process.  They are homogeneous, high density, porosity free, and without cracks or slag. We cast with only virgin metals, including copper, all commercially available alloys of aluminum, and most other non-ferrous metals.
Chatsworth, CA

Dooling Mfg

Saran Industries was founded in 1964 by Tony Saran. Saran quickly grew its business in the surface preparation and coating of municipal and industrial structures operating throughout the United States. In 1993, Saran Industries moved its headquarters to their current thirty acre campus located on the eastern side of Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2011, Saran Industries opened a second facility in Shelbyville, Indiana.
Indianapolis, IN

Saran Industries

Liberty AV Solutions is professional AV provider for its wide-ranging array of wire & cable and plates & panels,  Liberty makes it headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With distribution and manufacturing facilities located in Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and Wisconsin, Liberty remains focused on customer service and education while continuing to provide the broadest range of professional AV products, services, and solutions available.Liberty AV Solutions is a subsidiary of WESCO Distribution, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

Liberty AV Solutions

Alvord-Polk has added several lines of standard piloted reamers and threaded shank reamers to our offering. NAS898 and NAS897 specifications are used for many of our standard catalog items, but we have always been and continue to be an aerospace specials house. We serve a diverse base of aerospace customers by being able to make special tooling to exacting tolerances that meet aerospace expectations.
Millersburg, PA

Alvord-Polk Tool

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