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Epicor® Kinetic Enhanced Quality Configuration and Training

EQA is built on Epicor's standard Quality Assurance Module

Inspection Plans, Skip Lot Processing, and Equipment Calibration

Why Epicor Kinetic Enhanced Quality Assurance (EQA)?

The cornerstone of any successful business is reliable delivery of high-quality products to customers. Too often, businesses do not use all the resources available to them to ensure the highest possible quality control. Enhanced Quality Assurance allows you to keep your inventory as close to defect-free as possible in a cost effective manner, ensuring your ability to eliminate inefficiencies and keep your customer base satisfied.

How Does Epicor EQA Goes Beyond Base Quality Assurance?

Enhanced Quality Assurance works by extending the functionality of base Quality Assurance, granting management access to controlled test plans for products, and other product test information.

Fully integrated into Epicor’s software, EQA uses series and lot tracking to compile data in a robust product database. By taking advantage of Epicor’s comprehensive configuration capabilities, the module ensures that entered data aligns with your test plan layouts.

How Does EQA Work With Other Epicor Software?

Paired with Epicor Kinetic Maintenance Management, EQA gives you access to calibration test plans for your resources, equipment, and assets. This system simultaneously guarantees that your data collection is accurate and validated against business standards and regulatory specifications.

If your business requires you to specify the frequency of inspections in addition to receiving inspections, EQA also lets you bypass rules that set inspection frequency for part suppliers.

Key Features

Inspection Attributes

With EQA, you can define inspection attributes and features unique to your business. These include but are not limited to numeric, character, date, and comments on the production and inspection process. This allows the software to respond to you and the specific needs of your operation.

Specification Lists and Inspection Planning

EQA also lets you define your test plan inputs with additional specifications like minimum and maximum values, document attachments, and combo box inputs. To give you as much control as possible, each specification list is revision controlled.

The Enhanced Quality Assurance module lets you create inspection plans that use specification lists for your data collection, logging information on parts, operations, and/or calibrations. You can also use the software to build input screens designed for each unique test plan.

While you can tie default documents to the inspection plan, with EQA you can also lay out fields and data to match quality department standards, all revision controlled.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Results Collection

Excellent Statistical Process Control (SPC) is essential for any successful manufacturing firm. Epicor SPC stores results data for each access and builds broad SPC analysis for management use.

EQA also collects and stores sample data with the corresponding job, part, inspection plan, serial number, lot number, purchase order data, and more. This information can be used to generate compliance documentation and is easily accessible for audit purposes online with the Inspection Results Tracker.

Flexible Inspection Plan Configuration

Alongside the adaptable functionality of the software’s inspection planning, multiple inspection plan and specification lists can be tied to parts, operations, or equipment, depending on your particular needs.

Compatibility with All Types of Inspections

Enhanced Quality Assurance provides you with the capabilities to make every kind of inspection efficient and painless for your business. This include but are not limited to Return Material Authorization (RMA) Inspections, First Article Inspections, In Process Inspections, and Subcontracting Inspections.

At every step of your production and inspection process, EQA ensures that results entry, data collection, and part tracking are as accurate as possible.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Enabled

Performing floor inspections is made easy with the EQA’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) functionality. MES makes the process simpler by bringing inspection processing online in the plant, and it has an Inspection Data Function at your disposal via end activity, report quantity, and inspection features.

Advanced Tracing and Tracking Capabilities

EQA has a Serial and Lot Traceability feature that let you trace each serial and lot number for every sample during the inspection process.

In addition, data is easy to find with the Inspect Collect Results Location feature, whether you’re looking for data from Labor Entry, MES End Activity, MES Report Quantity, RMA Disposition, or Inspection Processing.

All of these are easily accessible with the Inspection Data Tracker feature, giving your online results data for every specification your business requires.

Skip Lot Cycle Definition

EQA gives you the option of categorizing and setting up cycles for receiving inspection with skip lot logic by following optimum frequency of inspections for suppliers.

Whether you are inspecting all lots or inspecting one and skipping the next ten lots, skip lot ensures that quality control manages the frequency of inspection throughout the process.

Resource Calibration Test Plans

Coupled with Epicor Maintenance Management, EQA lets you predefine inspection plans for resource/gauge calibrations along with managing the last calibration date. You can do this for Resources, Maintenance Management Equipment, or Asset Management.

Epicor Kinetic EQA Review

Whether you need to respond to a bad test result immediately with a custom BPM, perform trends analysis, reply to an auditor request with data pulled from a Business Activity Query, or review supplier overall performance with Enterprise Performance Management analysis cubes and dashboards, Epicor® Kinetic Enhanced Quality Assurance makes sure the data you need is available with a robust toolkit to support your unique business requirements.

Once you start using Epicor Kinetic EQA, you will quickly find it indispensable to your production and inspection processes.

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