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What is Epicor® Kinetic ERP Software?

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Epicor ERP Software

Enterprise resources planning business and technology concept.

Enterprise resources planning business and technology concept.

When it comes to building a solid company that makes a mark on their industry, your leadership has to make intelligent decisions about every business element. When leaders don’t have the tools to manage their day-to-day resources properly, they will spend profits before they’re made. You can manage a manufacturing company with every department using the same toolkit with the right solution. If you’ve heard of ERP and are wondering, “what is Epicor® Kinetic ERP?” it’s time to learn about this robust management tool and how you can improve your business with it.

It’s More Than a CRM Tool

Companies looking for tools to track customer relationships couldn’t do better than Epicor. This CRM allows you to have total control over customer experience at every single touchpoint. Your company can be more responsive by implementing collaboration technologies as you connect all parties with ease. Your contacts can be managed to keep your customers, suppliers, and vendors organized. Every employee will have up-to-the-minute data on every single contact. Managing leads has never been more accessible, thanks to Epicor® Kinetic. The entire sales funnel can be organized through this tool, with leads and opportunities carefully managed. You’ll convert prospects into customers and can arrange your opportunities based on value, letting you focus on the highest value leads. Keeping your marketing efforts on track is another party to managing customer relationships. With Epicor ERP, you can keep track of marketing campaigns, ensure that you’re targeting customers correctly, check your ROI from different campaigns and events, and keep track of trends in all these variables overtime Epicor ERP integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. You can get rid of duplicates quickly and maintain accurate and consistent data in both. Manage your customer records and contacts bidirectionally when you connect them. ERP is an end-to-end software package. It is all you need to run a company, from quote to cash and purchase to payment. ERP software does it all.

Manage Sales Efforts

The efficiency and effectiveness of a sales team rely on having the correct information. When you have the tools to help teams manage and automate tasks, they can focus on the real work of building relationships. You’ll be able to offer your customers more accurate estimates. You can fulfill your orders with greater accuracy, ensuring higher customer satisfaction. You’ll also notice that your order-to-cash cycle will be streamlined. Providing better quotes and estimates is challenging when you don’t have a tool to track changing prices and fluctuating labor costs. Even if you work with the same customers repeatedly, you might find that some will ask for different orders based on their own customers’ needs. Thanks to integrating your supplies or inventory tracker, you can check your inventory quickly. Managing orders is also a significant issue for businesses of every size. Thanks to Epicor, ensuring that your customer is paid up with their invoices and that their information is up to date is much easier. With this tool, link up your sales, orders, calls, tasks, and budget information together. You can even stay connected to your customers through Epicor. You can do it directly through its interface if you want to offer special promotions and price lists.

Service Management Made Simple

The profit margins in distribution and manufacturing are constantly being squeezed. More companies are focused on keeping their customers happy with better customer service. Rather than try to expand, they try to deepen relationships. Field service management takes much effort. Managing product and customer life cycles used to be a full-time job before tools like Epicor® Kinetic ERP. Service centers out in the field or run in-house must be carefully managed. Different relationships come with various contractual obligations. If there are any outstanding warranties, they must be met to keep the customers you’ve worked hard to get. Companies looking for service management software will appreciate that Epicor supports lean service organizations by managing risks and compliance issues. Any preventative maintenance can be scheduled to occur regularly and alert stakeholders. If you need help for a team on the go, comprehensive mobility options allow you to maintain contact with service centers. Updates on completed work and fast invoice turnarounds are also accessible with Epicor.

Project Managers Will Be Happy

The success of a project relies heavily on budgets and schedules. Project managers are responsible for keeping things together, but it’s easy for one detail to spiral out of control and drag a whole project down. Epicor Kinetic ERP allows for sophisticated project management to keep everyone on track. The software solution best for project managers can handle intricate projects with multilevel phases that include strict billing and budgets. With detailed estimation and detailed scheduling, project managers get total control over the analysis of a project. Resource, time, and expense management are simplified with Epicor. Modern project management also has to account for a flexible work breakdown structure. Epicor keeps track of performance initiatives, real-time connectivity, and smarter business intelligence with service-oriented architecture. Take your business intelligence to the next level in the service of supply-chain partners to provide them with more agile service.

Data Management Keeps You Moving

Strong product development requires better data management. When you can store, retrieve, manage, and control your product-related data in one place, you can go back and look at your product life cycle. This will help you keep track of current products and make it easier for you to make better decisions about future projects. Technical document management is the best way to classify and manage your projects. However, not every tool is equipped to do this work. Epicor ERP is the perfect tool to work at several different locations. The database replication built into the system allows you to get the same performance in another location as in the central office. Creating a file containing all the data for a product with Epicor helps track your company’s history and helps future project managers look back on old work for ideas.

Production Management

Businesses of all types can take advantage of this tool to help to make manufacturing easier. Epicor helps companies that make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, and make-to-stock fashion. No matter what type of manufacturing you do, Epicor ERP can help as a solution. Supply chain management is challenging to execute, and distribution capabilities aren’t easy for smaller or new manufacturers. The right system will eliminate a lot of the wasted effort and extra energy you would otherwise spend. You’ll have lean manufacturing, better material requirements planning, and master data management. Using service-oriented architecture, Epicor software helps to keep track of continuous performance initiatives. Manage a mobile workforce, get real-time connectivity, and implement social collaboration with one tool. You’ll be able to use this tool at any scale or with any configuration required to meet your deadlines.

Improve Planning and Scheduling

In manufacturing, time is money. When your business is trying to perform manufacturing tasks, provide services, distribute your goods, or any combination, you need to be organized, where software like Epicor Kinetic ERP comes in. Epicor is built to handle the complex material requirements that global enterprises deal with. Whether you work from one site or globally, there will be greater visibility across every location. Operational visibility makes life easier for everyone. Forecasting and production scheduling capabilities from Epicor ERP allow for granular control of daily tasks. You can also manage long-range planning to make better decisions. The great thing about Epicor is that it offers visual tools to help you see resource optimization opportunities in a new way. You can utilize detailed estimation and supply chain logistics of any project from a single interface.

Better Financial Management

Having sound financial management on your side allows you to get the most out of every dollar you spend. To be more efficient and to have the insight you need to transform your finance department, you need the right tool. Epicor’s financial management tools allow for real-time data management and access from any device, anywhere on the planet. You can make quick decisions and see robust reports and analyses. You can grow your business with functionality built for a global marketplace. Insight, automation, and compliance everywhere you do business are vital to growing as a business. By integrating your financing and accounting, you can reduce the labor costs to your back office. Suppliers can be paid automatically on time, and costly supply chain interruptions can be eliminated. Save time and money when you automate your tax compliance with this tool. Risk and compliance are significant issues in the manufacturing industry. No matter the size of your company, you need to meet deadlines for electronic filings and structured reports. Since Epicor contains country-specific functions for all of those tasks, you’ll meet deadlines and file more coherent reports with less effort.

Empower Human Resources

Human resources departments always struggle with budgets and the time-consuming recruiting, hiring, and training of new staff. Growing is hard when you have to manage day-to-day relationships and keep track of talent. Meeting corporate objectives is easier when you can use a tool to help increase ROI. By viewing the skills of current staff, you can monitor where you need more help. The gaps that need to be filled will be much easier to bridge with the correct monitoring tool. Digitizing all of the recruiting and onboarding processes helps companies set goals and measure their performance. You can use the robust analytics tools of this software to make well-informed decisions about your workforce. When you can create visually solid reports to show management and C-level executives, it’s easier to get them to approve the changes you recommend.

Improve Business Intelligence With Analytics

Tracking your history allows you to predict what will happen next with your business. Dashboards and trackers are great, but they need to be connected to intensely managed data tools to give you an understanding of what’s going on. With smarter integration, Epicor Kinetic ERP allows you to make better moves for the future of your business. Business activity queries drive the reporting tools and trackers that display the current state of your business. Dashboards and trackers can be customized to monitor performance better. You can trace a clear path from invoices to orders and get down to each work order. If you use intelligent manufacturing machines, you can capture data directly from each. You’ll get real-time production metrics and analytics you can use. Rather than keeping up with manual data collection, you can automate it. You’ll get instant alerts for the conditions of your machines and see the efficiency and scrap rates. With this data, you can improve cycle times throughout your facility. Every department in your company can learn something with self-service summaries. You’ll get visually rich charts that can explain to everyone what’s happening with your data. Keep your whole company focused on metrics that matter with carts and graphs.

What is Epicor Kinetic ERP Going to Do For Your Business?

If you’re wondering what Epicor Kinetic ERP will do for you and your facility, it’s time to try it out for yourself. The tool’s robust ability to grow your business from every department is only as powerful as your collective investment. Companies ready to train their staff with ERP should check out this guide to know what to look for in a good training program.