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Epicor® Kinetic Automation Tool

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What Is the Automation Tool for Epicor® Kinetic?

The Automation Tool for Epicor is a powerful resource you can use to perform repetitive or data-intensive tasks. It has several features that make it the best industry if you need Epicor automation. Here are some of the things this software program can do for you:

  • Regression testing
  • Mass data entry
  • Specialized testing
  • Unit testing
  • Mass operations in local environments
  • Routine process automation
  • Schedule activities outside working hours

One of the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) software programs for manufacturers today is Epicor. It allows you to track inventory, manage customers, and more. Its only drawback is that, like other ERP programs, it can be time-consuming to use when you have repetitive tasks. That’s where Epicor automation tools come in. Keep reading to learn more about the Automation Tool for Epicor (ATE), so you can start delegating tedious business tasks to a computer rather than an employee.


Anything you can do while using Epicor, you can do with the Automation Tool for Epicor.


Anything you can do while using Epicor, you can do with the Automation Tool for Epicor.

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Benefits of Automation Tools

There are numerous automation tools you can use with Epicor®. Let’s look at a few benefits of using the ATE rather than the other options.

Save Time and Money

In business, time and money go hand-in-hand. One way to save both is by automating tasks usually performed by an employee. Consider how much money you can save by having your data entry tasks performed by a computer rather than a paid employee. Then, that employee can use their time more productively.

Developed for Epicor

The Automation Tool for Epicor was specifically made to work with this ERP program. This makes it far easier to use compared to generic automation tools because it’s streamlined and only needs to perform the functions in Epicor rather than all programs. You’ll also get better results because the scripts are designed to work within the Epicor® ICE Client Framework.

Minimal Drain on System

Because it only needs to work with Epicor, this automation tool has minimal hardware and software requirements. You should be able to install it on any of your existing computers or else your Epicor® ERP server. This will help you avoid additional drains on your system due to having ATE installed and operating.

Run Multiple Processes at the Same Time

Let’s say you have a few different processes that you want to be running simultaneously. With most generic automation tools, this is impossible or can cause problems. The Automation Tool for Epicor, on the other hand, allows you to have several processes running at the same time. Although you have to have each task performed from a different machine, you’ll still get much better flexibility than other automation options.


One of the biggest threats faced by many businesses today is cybercrime. This is why cybersecurity is essential to running a successful business, no matter what industry you’re in. ATE is fully-integrated with the security that’s built into Epicor. This allows you to rest easy knowing your data is kept safe while you automate tasks. While using the automation tool, whatever you do is just as secure as if you were doing it yourself in Epicor.

Validation Testing

FDA requires validation testing for all business systems. Validation should include the processes you deployed. Epicor Automation Tool will assist you in complying with the validation requirements of your new Epicor® installation and procedures that meet your business’s needs.

Performs Consistency Testing

If you’re concerned about the results you’ll get from setting up Epicor automation, know that this program helps ensure there are no discrepancies by doing regular consistency testing. When a task is run on automation, a backup file and report are automatically created. You can then compare the results with backups to see any differences between the two of them. If there are, you can easily make corrections that ensure mistakes are caught quickly and won’t impact your business.

Integrates With Other Programs

It’s safe to say all businesses use more than one program. The Automation Tool for Epicor is designed to integrate with other types of files, so you can quickly transfer information from Excel and other text files into your Epicor mainframe. You can even set it up to receive files and automatically process them a certain way, automating yet another part of your processes. Some of the script languages that ATE supports include:

  • For…next loops
  • If…then…else statements

ATE can also take screenshots, handle errors, and use message boxes to get information which it can then input into your framework. This gives you greater flexibility when automating Epicor processes because you can use the same tool for several different programs.

How to Use ATE

There are two steps to use the Automation Tool for Epicor. We’ll go into details about each of them to demonstrate just how simple and easy it is to get started with Epicor automation.

  1. Record

The first thing you’ll want to do is start recording. Then, perform whatever task you want Epicor to do for you. The Automation for Epicor program will track your mouse movements and clicks along with anything else you do in recording mode. While you perform the task you want Epicor to do, it will generate a script to follow. These scripts include logic, so any loops, data-handling functions, and conditional statements will be covered.

  1. Play

Once you’re done, you can start up the player to perform the task immediately or schedule the task to be completed at a specific time. This allows you to have data-intensive tasks performed outside of regular work hours not to slow down computer systems.

Need Help With Epicor® Kinetic Automation?

Now you have everything you need to know about the Automation Tool for Epicor Kinetic. As you can see, it’s one of the most powerful automation tools you can use to save your business time and money by automating repetitive and straightforward tasks. Contact us today if you need help with Epicor automation or have any other questions about this software program. One of our certified experts will be more than happy to assist you.