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What You Need to Know About Epicor® Kinetic Commerce Connect

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Worldwide eCommerce sales topped $3.5 trillion in 2019. This figure is set to double by 2023.

Epicor® Kinetic Commerce Connect is a software platform that will help your business profit from eCommerce growth. You know Epicor for reliable business software. Now you can integrate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and eCommerce. Learn how Epicor Commerce Connect can improve efficiency, help your bottom line, and keep your customers returning.

Works Seamlessly with Your Epicor ERP and Magento

Integrating your website and eCommerce storefront with your back-office business systems has many advantages. Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect is fully integrated with Epicor® Kinetic ERP. Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect also partners with Prophet 21 and Eclipse.

Stock information on your site updates in real-time. Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect gets its data directly from Epicor Kinetic ERP. Commerce Connect displays, lists, and correctly prices your items for each customer. The business system immediately records all online transactions. You can see the transactional data online with Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect.

Increased accuracy in your site management leads to increased customer satisfaction. You have fewer errors and lower overall transactional costs. In addition, you avoid redundant data entry.

Other features of Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect include:

  • Hierarchic catalog structure and management
  • Catalog browsing
  • Checkout configuration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Options for multiple languages, currencies, and storefronts

Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect uses the industry-leading Magento eCommerce platform. Magento is open-source. You can customize your site to meet your customers’ specific needs. You have access to all of Magento’s apps, templates, and extensions. You also benefit from Magento’s app developer and support network.

The combination of Epicor and Magento means that the visitors to your website have the rich experience they expect. Browsing tools like search and suggested items help your users find what they’re looking for.

You can help customers make better purchasing decisions. Show them related products, let them compare different products, and allow them to zoom in on product images.

Optimized for Mobile

Almost one in five American adults accessed the internet at home exclusively with their smartphone in 2019. This number is only expected to grow.

Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect includes dedicated Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. These gateways ensure site optimization for mobile. Your site always has the correct format for the screen size, and users can browse efficiently. You can be sure you’re providing the best user experience however people access your site.


Epicor Commerce Connect

Manages Your Customizable Products

If you sell customizable products, you know how complicated it can be to manage all possible options. The number of possibilities for a single item can be in the thousands with choices of color, size, material, and other features.

Epicor Product Configurator lets you display all the product options on one page. Your customers can choose design features to their specifications without the hassle of navigating back and forth through multiple pages.

The configurator module is fully integrated with Commerce Connect. Customers explore the design features they may want. Epicor Product Configurator then creates quotes and prices. Once the customer chooses a product configuration, the configurator transmits the price and product build directly to Epicor ERP. You respond more quickly to the order and ensure that you meet the customer’s requirements.

Dedicated B2C, B2B, and Supplier Features

Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect has specific features for your Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, and Supplier channels. Dedicated portions of the software respond to the particular needs of your consumer, business, and supplier users.

Business-to-Consumer Features

You can directly engage your consumers with Consumer Connect. They can browse the site freely before needing to log in. Then they can log in as a guest or with an account.

Checkout uses the same format as top consumer websites. Epicor Secure Data Manager handles payment, which your ERP processes. Consumers also have the option of instant payment with several payment choices.

Business-to-Business Features

Your business customers expect the same website functionality and ease of use that they find on consumer websites. Businesses also need additional features like special promotions and price lists, the ability to make repeat purchases, and the option to pay on an account.

Business Connect uses a shopping basket concept like that used on consumer sites. Business customers can search and add products to the basket, update items, or remove them. The customer can view product information about specific items in the basket on a new screen. After finalizing the basket, the customer can check out.

Several other B2B features make the product search and purchase process more efficient. A product search will show all items available to buy online in the ERP. Users can also search by product group. Entering a specific part number and quantity adds the product to the basket for a quick purchase or list. With the quick list feature, customers can create named lists. They can add the list to the basket once complete.

Supplier Integration

Supplier Connect provides a way for your suppliers to answer various questions. They can find out about open orders, part information, invoices, and payment histories. You’ll reduce the number of questions that come in through email or phone. Your employees will have more time for other tasks.

Suppliers can manage their passwords, company information, and contact information. They can also see open and overdue requests for quotes.

Supplier Connect gives you better communication with your suppliers. Your business can react more quickly when circumstances change.

Get Up and Running More Quickly with Commerce Connect Express

You may be looking for an integrated ERP and eCommerce solution that you can set up quickly. Epicor Commerce Connect Express can be up and running in a few days.

Commerce Connect Express works with Epicor Kinetic ERP, Prophet 21, and Eclipse. It uses the Magento eCommerce platform.

Commerce Connect Express allows you to create an essential online presence. You can then choose upgrades and other enhanced capabilities when you’re ready to scale up.

Making the Transition to Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect

Epicor Kinetic Commerce Connect will help you maximize your website to drive your business. Making the transition to a new software platform can be stressful, though, no matter how beneficial you know it will be.

That’s where a certified Epicor consultant like Tomerlin-ERP can help. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from installation to training to future upgrades.

Contact us to see how we can help you take your business to the next level.