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Why You Need Epicor® Kinetic ERP CRM and Mobile CRM

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Brands that have above average customer service earn 5.7% more revenue than their competitors. While 98% of customers say that customer service impacts brand loyalty.

In short, having a good relationship with clients keeps you competitive. If you want your business to grow you either need to appeal to new customers while continuing to keep your current customers satisfied.

The best way to ensure you have a great relationship with your clients is to track and monitor the way that you serve them. Epicor ERP CRM Software can help.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is software that centralizes everything you need for your client interactions.

But as your customer demands increase there is a need to always be available to your clients. Which allows you to solve a problem that comes up quickly. The best solution for your company is to be available to your clients at any time with a Mobile CRM.

At Tomerlin-ERP, we let you access your clients, everywhere with Epicor ERP Mobile CRM. This is a system that allows you to access your CRM system from your smartphone or tablet no matter your location.

If you want to understand why Epicor ERP CRM Software is the right choice for you then check out our blog post below.

ERP and CRM: A Brief Overview

Let’s clarify some terms before we move on. What is a CRM? What does it have to do with ERP?

An ERP refers to enterprise resource planning. This is a system that integrates all business and management functions into a single software. These programs allow you to manage daily business activities in real-time like:

  • Risk compliance and management
  • Supply chain management
  • Accounting- Including accounts payable/receivable and invoices
  • Purchasing
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

An ERP system streamlines business processes and reduces the time that you might lose to switching between applications. One study found that when small businesses introduced an ERP system they spent 36% less time making decisions than they did before the system was implemented.

This relates to and CRM because CRM is typically a small part of a larger ERP and functions in a similar way.

CRM stands for customer relationship management and refers to a variety of applications in one system. This is a type of software that helps you integrate all functions of client outreach. This allows you to consolidate everything from reaching out to potential leads to advertising and data collection into one system.

This system lets you supervise your entire customer relationship process. With CRM you can fine-tune your marketing strategy to near suit your company and solve your unique problems.

It can help you streamline important parts of your advertising plan like eMarketing and Advanced surveys. It also gives you in-depth research into how well your marketing is working with data analytics and custom reports.

Epicor ERP CRM and Mobile CRM

How to Choose a CRM

When it comes to CRM software you have options. The industry is currently worth over $55 Billion and many software companies provide a variety of features for almost every company regardless of size.

With a large variety of options, you have to know what to look for to suit your company. We’ll show you how to choose a CRM and which features to look out for.

The industry that you are in is the biggest factor in the type of CRM that you will need. A Retail company will have different needs than an automotive, manufacturing, or building materials company.

For example, a retail company will need to maintain a lot of information on individual clients. A company may need to store information on customer usage, loyalty, and outreach. Meanwhile, if you run a medical manufacturing company you will need to be aware of government and industry regulations when dealing with clients.

But what are industry experts say about CRM software?

Experts have noted that CRM software is typically designed for 4 different sizes of companies. They are small, specialty solutions, enterprise, and midsize companies.

For example, if your company is midsized you may need to use a CRM that deals specifically deals with the midsized market.

Regardless of the size of your company the key features that you want to look out for are scalability. Unexpected growth is one of the hardest problems to overcome from a management perspective.

Whether your company plans to upsize or downsize, make sure you have a system that can be quickly customized to fit any sudden change in the size of your business.

Mobile CRM

A mobile CRM software is customer relationship software that you can access remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device.  A large portion of people who are accessing the internet is doing it through their smartphones or other mobile devices. A mobile CRM system lets you reach your customers no matter where you are.

This reduces the time that your clients need to wait and makes you more attentive to their needs. You have the ability to easily access, track, and input data no matter how far away from the office you are.

Mobile CRM Benefits

2020 has shown the value of being able to work remotely. Being able to access your business and customers from almost any location at any time is essential. A Mobile CRM system gives you the ability to allow your employees to work from anywhere.

Letting you address your client’s needs in real-time no matter where you are. In a time when companies are desperate to stand out exceptional customer service lets, you show your dedication to clients’ needs.

This system allows employees to work remotely keeping you competitive in a time when it’s more crucial than ever.

The most important way that CRM mobile can improve your business is by giving your team a better ability to collaborate. Mobile CRM allows you to have real-time updates on any information you need.

Epicor® ERP CRM

Epicor ERP CRM also provides tools that help smaller companies compete with larger retail giants.

We give you the CRM tools that let you create your own customer loyalty program that allow you to create more focused one-to-one marketing promotions. These tools let you create a fully customizable experience for your clients. For example, you can create customer accounts that let you personally greet customers at checkout.

You can also sync your data from Epicor ERP CRM with your Microsoft Office suite. This means that you can easily import and access information from Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. This allows your sales team to instantly see any client data that they need including client information like credit limits and sales history.

Epicor ERP Mobile CRM

Along with standard ERP and CRM solutions we also provide mobile CRM software through Epicor ERP Mobile CRM. This software is available for both Android and iOS so you can use it with virtually any mobile device.

Our software provides you with opportunities to track your interactions with clients in real-time so you can better address their needs and predict when future issues may occur.

Our system also allows you to see an activity-based workflow with all the information no matter where your employees are. This includes things like to-do lists, appointments, and information on competitors and which marketing strategies have been successful.

You also have access to up to date information. With our ability to keep you up to date on all your sales and marketing data we provide one of the best mobile CRM experiences on the market.

What Makes Tomerlin-ERP Different

At Tomerlin-ERP, we provide a unique customizable ERP and CRM experience. Our ERP system differs because the implementation is incredibly flexible and easy to use. We provide a user-friendly interface that reduces the time and effort needed to switch. We also provide training on our software to help your team transition quickly.

Our software also provides a variety of ways to implement from SaaS to cloud-based models.

Get the Right CRM Software for Your Company

A CRM system is a customer relationship management system that allows you to integrate all customer outreach applications into one. This allows you to monitor and reach out to clients more efficiently and to provide better customer support. It also allows you to track and monitor the success of any marketing campaign that you use.

At Tomerlin-ERP, we provide one of the most flexible implementation systems with Epicor ERP CRM. Our Epicor ERP Mobile CRM lets you access all your customer relationship information no matter where you are. This provides your workers with more flexibility and your clients with more attentive service.

If you want to know more about how our CRM software can revolutionize your company then contact us today.