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6 Questions to Ask Your ERP Implementation Consultant

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ERP Implementation

It is not rocket science! All you need is a qualified, competent, experienced ERP consulting firm.

Are you ready to join the thousands of customers around the world who already rely on Epicor® ERP solutions to drive their cloud and on-premise deployments? To set your project down a successful path, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified ERP consultant. This team of experts will guide you along the installation and implementation journey. With many companies offering similar services and complicated jargon to maneuver, it can be challenging to find the best fit. Today, we’re breaking down how to vet Epicor ERP consultants, so you can get one step closer to the software solution you need. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

1. Ask about their Certifications

A reputable Epicor® ERP consulting firm should have professionals on staff who have been trained on Epicor ERP solutions. Before making a hiring decision, ask to see all industry and brand-related certifications. Within the Epicor suite, some of the significant areas of expertise include:

  • Financials
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Material
  • Tools 

Make sure any consultant you work with has undergone the proper training to work on Epicor® implementations, optimizations, and data migrations. Request to see a history of each consultant’s work experience and educational background.

2. Ask about their projected Timeline

When installing a new software system, there are many moving parts. A chief consideration is how long your employees will be supporting the consultants as they work to get you up and running on the new system. To ensure this transition period doesn’t cut into mission-critical activities, you need an Epicor ERP consultant who can work within your desired timeframe. Before signing on the dotted line, you should know when the consulting firm can begin, how long they’ll require from start to finish, and what steps they can take to minimize implementation-caused disruptions.

3. Ask about how they understand Change Management

One of the essential steps in a successful Epicor ERP project is ensuring a smooth employee transition. This is known as the change management process, and it holds more weight than you might think. Simply asking your workforce to pick up the new ERP system and abandon their original ways of work can result in pushback, hesitancy, and anxiety. All your staff must have a sense of ownership in the implementation process and the outcome. To help everyone feel ownership, business leaders must share with their teams what they can expect and ask for staff feedback. How will their day-to-day tasks change? What are the features of this new software solution, and how will it benefit them? How will your organization as a whole benefit from this project? Clear communication is critical and should be established at the onset. To get the message through, it’s helpful to have your consultants on board to answer questions, provide training and quell concerns. Ask your prospective Epicor ERP consulting team how hands-on they’ll be during the change management process. Their leadership can make a difference in how willing your teams are to embrace the change.

4. Ask about Viability Checks

A qualified Epicor® ERP consultantwill have a detailed checklist of metrics to go over before going live with the launch. These steps help ensure there are no bugs in the system or any obstacles that would prevent a successful implementation. Let’s look at some of the critical questions a consultant should ask.

Functional Testing

Consultants will input test data then compare that output with anticipated results. This helps to verify usability and checks for errors throughout the system database and API.

Performance Testing

Consultants will test the ERP system against its expected workload to see if it can handle performance demand. If they identify bottlenecks, they’ll work to eradicate them.

Backup Testing

Consultants will check backup systems to ensure all required processes are in place. This is required to protect your data from loss or corruption.

Workflow Testing

Consultants will analyze and test workflow maps to ensure they correspond with normal business processes. Test cases help verify efficient workflows and serve to eliminate defects. Ask all consultant candidates what kind of checks they’ll perform to ensure all systems are viable before the go-live date. How will they test that all customizations and developments are viable?

5. Ask about Cost Controls

A successful ERP project is carefully cost-controlled. Your company will have buying decisions to make at every juncture in the selection, installation, and implementation process. How will your consulting team guide you in these decisions and help you control costs? While a properly implemented ERP system will soon pay for itself, there can be hidden costs that your consultants should make you aware of. These include:

  • Labor
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Re-engineering
  • Change management
  • Customization
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Upgrades and support

Ask how your consultant will help you control and manage these costs so you can stay within budget and on task.

6. Ask yourself if you can Trust Your Epicor® ERP Consultants

Deciding to implement a new ERP solution is a significant first step in a future-focused direction for your company. Yet, this isn’t a road you have to travel alone. Epicor ERP consultants are there to make sure every step of your project goes off without a hitch. As you weigh your options and do your research, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Want to go straight to the source and find a team of ERP consultants ready, willing and qualified to help you navigate this journey? That’s where we come in. We’re a team of certified technicians and consultants. Tomerlin-ERP’s consultants have the decades of experience, business knowledge, and technical know-how required to help transform your business through the power of Epicor ERP. Contact Tomerlin-ERP today to learn more, and let’s take this essential first step together.