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Are you about to implement your new Epicor ERP 10.1 software? Are you finding the process challenging?

Consider Tomerlin-ERP as your Epicor® Kinetic 2021 ERP Project Manager

While implementing your new Epicor® Kinetic ERP software can be a huge undertaking, an Epicor certified Tomerlin-ERP Project Manager will successfully implement your system and handle any and all challenges as they arise.

Below, we have 5 reasons that explain why ERP project management is so crucial for a business. We also included tips to help you assist the employee who you have assigned as your in-house project manager for your Epicor® Kinetic 2021 ERP implementation.

If you want more information, check out us out, Tomerlin-ERP. We have years of consulting experience with Project Management. We want to help you make your Epicor Kinetic 2021 ERP implementation as successful as possible. 

Why ERP Project Management is Crucial

The first step in a successful Epicor Kinetic ERP implementation is to understand the importance of project management and why it is so necessary.

An ERP system affects everyone in an organization. It facilitates the flow of information across the business in a seamless manner while creating a more efficient method of decision making.

ERP project management is important for a successful system because:

1. Realistic Project Plans

A Project Manager ensures that project plans are realistic and creates timelines that truly consider the scope and impact of resources.

2. Project Sponsorship

A Project Manager ensures Executive Sponsorship while making sure that there is appropriate representation from all branches of the organization.

3. Project Support

A Project Manager ensures that employees have enough resources, time, and support to complete a project successfully.

4. Unexpected Gaps

A Project Manager keeps track of gaps that can occur during a project and makes the decisions on how to address them and mitigates their impact.

5. Change Management

A Project Manager can successfully encounter changes to a project based on project scope or through change management for employees.

How to Create ERP Project Management Success

The next step in implementing ERP project management success is learning how to achieve it.

Implementing an ERP system is a huge undertaking, and requires a strong project management process to accomplish projects. Tips for a triumphant Project Manager include:

Focus on the Critical Requirements

Focus on what actually drives your business. Define which 3-5 critical requirements need to be clearly defined, and go from there.

Employee Organization

As a leader, make sure that the right people are on the team. Having employees in their right positions will help the PM manage the bumps in the road.


Bring all aspects of the business together in order to for the implementation to be a success. Make sure you focus on the key elements that are required to make the project a success.

Change Management

You must prioritize changes in processes and the overall system. Be a strong leader and implement proactive communication for ERP project success.

Proper Training and Education

There are many very important aspects to managing an Epicor ERP implementation. Possibly the key to success is training, training, and more training.  Doing so will enable the new system to be implemented and give confidence to all participants in the implementation.

Tomerlin-ERP Consultants

With this knowledge in mind, you are well on your way to implementing an Epicor Kinetic ERP system as smooth as possible. If you want further help, contact Tomerlin-ERP.

Implementing an Epicor Kinetic ERP system can be challenging and we are here to help. With Tomerlin-ERP, you will always have the training, support, and resources to find the success you’re looking for.