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Over 96% of companies that dominate their specific industry rely on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. In fact, the top reason many companies decide to use an ERP system is that they believe it will improve their business. With 64% saying that an ERP system will improve business performance and 57% saying it will put them in a better position for growth. Process manufacturing is one of the best ways for your company to become more efficient and improve work processes. ERPs integrate all processes into one system meaning that they run smoothly. In an ERP process, the outputs of one system become inputs into another system. Epicor® Kinetic Software has provided manufactures in almost every of industries with a way of making their workflows more efficient. If you want to understand how Epicor can help your company run more smoothly and efficiently then read this guide to which manufacturing companies we work best.

Epicor® Kinetic ERP: A Brief Overview

Epicor® is designed to provide support for a wide variety of manufacturing processes. These include ETO (Engineer-to-order), MTO (make-to-order), and configure-to-order (CTO), mixed-mode, and make-to-stock environments. Epicor offers the flexibility to allow your manufacturing company to grow and expand. Its clientele includes mid-sized companies and large multinational corporations. No matter which industry your company is situated we can provide solutions that make your companies process more streamlined. Epicor offers a variety of options to deploy our Epicor ERP including Software as a Service a subscriber-based model. It provides the only ERP system that provides a nearly universal implementation system. Epicor can be implemented in virtually any way including cloud storage, virtualization, and on the premises. This variety of deployment strategies make Epicor one of the best choices for any manufacturing company.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

Over the next few years, there will be a steep decrease in the military budget of most countries as most countries focus on domestic spending. In fact, according to Nan Tian, a defense spending expert, large decreases in military spending usually following a major crisis. This means that those working in defense manufacturing will have to need to work more efficiently with fewer resources. Epicor® Kinetic ERP provides defense and aerospace with solutions that can help streamline global product distribution and product oversight. As well as providing warehouse management tools that help you make the building process safer while keeping costs to a minimum. It provides a simple solution for aerospace and defense manufacturing. When dealing with there are many unique requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Companies in the Aerospace and defense industry have to deal with administering a large number of complex assignments, complying with strict regulations, and strict system requirements. As well as tight delivery deadlines. Its manufacturing ERP system handles these problems by helping every part of the process work together. Whether your company experiences major cutbacks or growth Epicor provides innovative ways to get the most out of your employees and processes. It provides a simple intuitive interface so that employees regardless of experience find the program easy to use. Epicor is designed to handle each part of a manufacturing company’s operations. This includes production, schedule, and financial management. Epicor ERP is built to grow with your company and help you manage your business as functions become more spread out.

Medical Parts Manufacturing

We know that finding an ERP for medical parts manufacturing can be especially challenging given the intense series of regulations that are often required to follow. One of the most serious regulations is medical device software validation. These are the regulations that govern the kind of software that can be used in the manufacturing and building of medical supplies and products. Epicor provides a toolkit that decreases the expense involved with getting FDA software validation. Epicor also contains a knowledge basis that allows you to easily look up any portion of the history of the product. Epicor software provides special features that make adhering to different regulator bodies easier. These include a simple way to view the entire product timeline so that you can verify that each part complies with different regulations. It also provides product traceability including serial genealogy so you can more easily conform to regulations. Epicor also provides resources that let you automate all parts of the compliance process. This dramatically reduces the amount of time and energy that you will spend struggling with regulatory bodies. As well as decreasing the fear of things like recalls, and customer complaints. of technology that can be used can be

Discrete Manufacturing

Having an ERP system that gives you consistency is one of the most important factors in discrete manufacturing. Epicor provides options to improve production planning to help you avoid delays and bottlenecks. It can also help discrete manufactures decrease production costs and easily access any information that the company needs to make decisions. It also helps make inventory management more efficient.

Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing

One of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy is Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing. This industry’s growth provides new competition and opportunities to stand out from the competition. Our supply chain management allows for greater cost control of raw materials and suppliers. Epicor’s system allows you to revolutionize advertising and customer outreach. As well as client advertising It also provides manufacturing oversight that lets you monitor your production process allowing you to reduce any waste and use raw materials more efficiently. All of this will result in improved revenue through reduced waste and improved efficiency.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Whether you are manufacturing food or alcohol we have the perfect solutions for any problems that you may be facing. We help improve your production turnaround time and waste reduction. As well as helping you easily maintain adherence to strict safety regulations. If you want to know that you are keeping your employees and customers safe Epicor ERP may be the best choice for you. Epicor also helps you chose the best suppliers. As we provide analytics about the vendors that you’re using.

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing industry provides an opportunity for our ERP system to greatly reduce costs. Epicor ERP specializes in streamlining the supply chain process to make the process of purchasing goods and managing suppliers simpler. The Epicor system makes oversight and quality control much more cost-effective. We help combine the different software systems that your company uses into one unified interface. By doing this it reduces downtime spent wasted because all systems are integrated. This improves communication and collaboration. Rather than having to manually merge different systems. Epicor ERP is one of the best tools for operational efficiency. Having one single system also reduces the cost of having to train employees. Instead of teaching employees to use a variety of different systems and software everyone only has to use one system. Epicor also provides a specialized business analytics system that helps you make smarter more focused decisions. Its system provides a variety of reports that allow your company to assess its strengths and weaknesses. Now rather than having an IT team that only works to produce distribute reports your system can easily provide this for you. This also helps you deal with crisis management more quickly and efficiently. As you will be able to directly identify where a problem is stemming from as well as ways to prevent future similar problems from happening. It also helps your automotive manufacturing company manage your relationship with customers. Epicor allows you to more quickly respond to customer concerns and questions allowing you to maintain more positive client relationships. You can maintain constant communication throughout the entire manufacturing process. Epicor ERP also allows greater customer outreach through advertisements that let you specifically target customer bases. It provides specialized tools to help you attract an audience and to help you research which advertising strategies are successful and which ones aren’t. It can also help you turn customer leads into sales and lifelong customers.

How Epicor ERP Can Help Your Manufacturing Company

Epicor® Kinetic ERP works best for manufacturing companies including medical, discrete, furniture, and aerospace. It has created a process that integrates HR management, supply chain management, financial management, and other business function to help your company run smoothly. Epicor ERP offers the advantages of being easy to implement, flexible, and easily scalable. This means that almost any manufacturing company can use Epicor Kinetic ERP to improve basic business functions and manage regulations. If you want to understand more about how we can help your company then contact us today.