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4 Things to Look For in Epicor® Kinetic ERP Training

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Tomerlin-ERP has certified Epicor® Kinetic ERP trainers and they are ready to serve your needs with onsite and remote training

When looking for the right ERP training course, it can be tough to narrow down your options.

But with 41% of ERP consultants agreeing that project management is one of the biggest skill gaps out there, getting the right education is the foundation for continued success.

In this post, we’re sharing the top 4 things to look for when finding the right ERP training program.

1. Look For Live, Onsite ERP Training

A good ERP training program will have qualified teachers that are willing to come to your campus or job site to directly train your employees in person. This method has been proven to be among the most effective.

Plus, recent studies have shown that the majority of today’s students and employees prefer real classrooms over virtual ones. Even if your campus or site doesn’t have a designated classroom, a flexible, self-reliant instructor should be able to convert any space into a place to learn.

2. Find A Program That Synchronizes Training

We get it. In your rush to implement your ERP training strategies as soon as possible, it’s easy for your schedules to get off-kilter.

But for it to really be effective, your training needs to move at the same pace as your overall projects, and all levels of your company should be moving at the same rate. If one department gets ahead of another, it can cause confusion, which will ultimately only cost you time.

Make sure you’ve found a program that is willing to work within your schedule, not that makes you cram in classes based on their own.

3. Look For A Program That Offers Multiple Approaches

We all learn things in different ways – and people’s learning styles should be taken into consideration when finding the right program.

Make sure the programs you’re looking into know how to switch up their teaching methods, and that they’re using a variety of tools to teach. These include software, audio and visual aides, clearly marked units and phases of learning, and even hands-on or role-playing experiences.

A good classroom is never static!

4. Find ERP Trainers Willing To Go The Extra Mile

Here, we’re not even speaking literally. In today’s busy world, people seem to have more and more responsibilities.

Sometimes, your students and employees may not be able to make the commute in for an ERP training class, or they may just want to take the training online.

But just because a student can’t physically make it to class doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the benefits of the classroom experience and benefits.

Look for a program that “broadcasts” its live classroom remotely, and one that offers webinars if students need to complete their training on their own schedules.

To ensure you’re picking the right program, read online reviews and testimonials.

You’re Ready To Begin Your ERP Training

Now, you know what it takes to find the perfect program for you, your company, and your employees.

If you’re ready to take the next step, feel free to contact us or to browse through our website to learn more about the unique way our training is structured.