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Epicor® Implementation Consulting

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Implementing Epicor ERP Software for Over 20 Years

Tomerlin-ERP consultants are experts in software implementation. Implementing Epicor® 10 requires both business experience and in-depth knowledge of the Epicor® software, and this is the basis of our success.

Epicor® software has revolutionized the way companies produce goods and services. This software integrates different parts of a company and ensures smooth flow of information across the enterprise quickly. Epicor® systems provide benefits to organizations by tightly integrating all departments across the organization. Implementing any ERP system is not a matter of changing software systems, rather it is a matter of repositioning the company and transforming the business practices.

An Epicor® 10 Implementation will create major changes, to improve many facets of your company. It is a disruptive event, as it should be, causing everyone to rethink why they do what they do and the way they do it. Before an Epicor® implementation, critical issues must be carefully considered and managed to have the results you want and expect. You need to identify those critical implementation issues: top management commitment, re-engineering your existing business processes, selecting the right Epicor® ERP modules, identifying a skilled and experienced implementation consultant, scheduling adequate time for the implementation process, identifying costs, dedicating your best employees as in-house project managers, train all users, and ensuring employee engagement in a way that gives them a sense of ownership in the outcome of the implementation.

10 Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation

  1. Understand your business processes and key requirements
  2. Build a business case for ERP with a positive ROI
  3. Ensure proper project management and resource commitment
  4. Gain executive and organizational commitment
  5. Early planning prevents many problems from occurring
  6. Solve data migration issues early in the implementation process
  7. Invest in training
  8. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to create change
  9. Know why you’re implementing ERP
  10. Hire an ERP consulting firm with experience

Tomerlin-ERP – the ERP consulting firm with experience

  1. We have performed hundreds of implementations and re-implementations of others failures. Yes…we have experience.
  2. We have never had an implementation failure.
  3. We handle large and small implementations. Our largest implementation involved three companies, with 13 plants in 6 states.
  4. We have performed implementations across all industries with the majority in manufacturing and distribution.
  5. There is only one Epicor ERP consulting firm to use if you need to launch Epicor ERP and that firm is Tomerlin-ERP.
Epicor Implementation

We will properly implement or re-implement your Epicor software

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Epicor ERP 10 Implementation
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Epicor ERP 10 Implementation
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Steps for a Epicor ERP Implementation 1. Business Process Review (BPR). 2. Populate all dependency and other required fields. 3. Export, Clean and prepare for importing all Customer, Supplier, Part, and Financial data. 4. Create all Methods of Manufacturing. 5. Create all custom forms, reports, and all process customization discovered in BPR. 6. Training. 7. Test import all open quotes, sales orders, open purchase orders, AR invoices, AP invoices, monthly ended GL balances, part cost, part location by quantity, etc. 8. Customer test database for process and function. Reiterative importing until all problems are solved. 9. Customer stops using legacy ERP system on Friday and goes live on a Monday morning. 10. Support customer for 30+ days.