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In the United States, manufacturing companies make up 11.39% of the economy. But recently, there have been massive shifts in the manufacturing industry. This has highlighted the need for more remote work access and efficiency.

To remain competitive, you’ll have to streamline your manufacturing process. This means eliminating downtime, improving quality control, and reducing waste.

The best way to solve this problem is by using data to drive all your manufacturing decisions. Epicor® Kinetic Informance EMI and Tomerlin-ERP can help you here.

An EMI refers to an enterprise manufacturing intelligence system. This system gives you a manufacturing intelligence overview or a bird’s-eye view of your company. It does this by collecting data on all parts of your manufacturing process in one platform.

This software collects all manufacturing data in one place. That will give you easy access to share information across your company.

The most trusted option for manufacturing intelligence is Epicor Kinetic Informance EMI. Epicor provides one of the most flexible EMI implementations. It also supplies a wide range of features from dashboards to automated data collection.

If you want to understand what Epicor Informance EMI can do for your company, then read our guide.

A Brief Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Overview

Manufacturing intelligence software gives you a top-down view of your entire company. This empowers you to make more informed decisions about your business’s manufacturing lines. The end result of all this data consolidation is to have more insight into how your business is run.

An effective EMI allows you to get the most out of your manufacturing system. It does this by tracking your machines and collecting data on performance and output.

There are several main functions of an EMI system. These include contextualization, aggregation, analysis, propagation, and visualization.


Contextualization is the framework or layout where you view your data. This allows your employees to easily search for and find the information they need.


Aggregation is the process of collecting data. Then, it’s made available from multiple sources usually databases.


An EMI allows you to analyze data from multiple production locations. It also allows for ad hoc reporting or creating reports for one-time use.


Propagation automates the process of sharing data across different departments. This lets you move information to move from the plant floor to the enterprise-level system.


Visualization is a tool to make information easy to understand. This often takes the form of dashboards that allow you to select which data to display.

Epicor Informance

What Makes Epicor Informance EMI Different?

Epicor® Kinetic Informance EMI provides a unique manufacturing intelligence experience from the beginning. Epicor offers onsite installation and subscription-based SaaS (software as a service-based installation).

This EMI is an app that uses a .NET web-based framework, meaning it uses a software platform developed by Microsoft. Epicor Informance uses Windows Server and SQL Server.

There are also flexible cost plans available based on the number of machines that you are monitoring and the kind of data you require.

Epicor Informance also gives you the flexibility to access the system, no matter where you are. You have the option of Epicor® Kinetic Mobile Warehouse. This provides you with tools to track your inventory and collect data using mobile devices.

It also makes doing business globally easier with around 10 different language options, as well as an interface that makes language customization easy.

Improved Production Efficiency

An ideal EMI helps you do more with the same resources. Epicor Informance allows you to see which changes have the biggest impact on production. An EMI provides you with tools that analyze and measure the effect of downtime on production.

An EMI gathers production data through an automated system which means no more manual data entry.

Real-Time Business Updates

Epicor Kinetic Informance uses an Industrial Internet of Things (or an IIoT) to keep you updated on everything going on in your company.

In simplest terms, an IIoT is a series of machines and equipment running on the same network. Because these machines are connected, they can share information instantly. The data can then be used for machine learning and making predictions.

This allows for real-time business updates that are fully automated.

You can also customize this feature if you need more in-depth data. For example, operators can use touchscreens to add more details to automated information.

You also have the freedom of linking Epicor Informance with other ERP systems you’re currently using so you can share data.

Improved Reporting and Analytics

A good EMI system lets you collect data on every element of the manufacturing process. For that data to be useful, it has to be easy to share. Epicor Kinetic Informance EMI allows you to easily collect and report data about all areas of manufacturing.

Epicor provides three different options for analytics tools. These are diagnostic, predictive, and descriptive analytics.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics answers the question of why. This information allows you to understand why certain choices are or aren’t working.

Epicor® Kinetic Data Analytics (EDA) is a tool that lets you create charts to provide insight into your company’s operations.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses the data you’ve already gathered to help you plan your next course of action. Epicor provides inventory optimization tools like Smart Inventory Planning.

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics provides insight into things that are currently happening in your company. Epicor Kinetic Data Discovery (EDD) tool uses live data to create data visualizations like charts.

Epicor Informance EMI provides tools that keep you updated about the manufacturing process, from hours worked on all shifts throughout the year to the exact number of each product manufactured.

There is also a unique reporting system that provides easy access to the information that you need. Epicor® Kinetic EMI currently offers hundreds of different analytics and dashboard options.

Performance Tracking

Epicor Kinetic EMI also provides tools to monitor your performance and equipment.

Epicor’s® Kinetic Advanced MES system provides up-to-date production monitoring. It collects data from operators and machines and offers real-time updates. This data is then formatted into an easily readable visual layout.

These monitoring and reporting tools eliminate the need for manual data entry. It also offers automated alerts for preventative maintenance. You can also get real-time updates on your equipment’s performance.

The tool allows you to improve production cycle times. Informance also allows you to monitor and reduce downtime, as well as improve OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Epicor Informance also provides performance benchmarking. This allows you to compare quantitive information that you’ve gathered.

You can do this internally by comparing productivity within your company. Or you can do this externally by comparing your data to other companies.

Better Quality Control

One of the easiest ways to lose business is to have poor quality control.

An EMI lets you collect data on product defects. This means you can detect and resolve production issues early. You can see sources of quality loss, and reduce scrap and waste.

You also have the option of performing quality control and machine inspection audits.

How Can Tomerlin-ERP Help Your Company?

Switching to Epicor Kinetic EMI requires massive sweeping changes from implementation to upgrades. The best way to manage these changes is by having someone there to guide you. A consultant can help answer questions and can customize the software to fit your company’s needs.

At Tomerlin-ERP, we assign your company a project manager. They help you plan the entire process from installation to completion. This project manager helps your implementation stay on time and under budget.

We at Tomerlin-ERP provide training on Epicor Informance EMI. This includes both onsite and web-based training.

The live in-person training includes consultants that go to your location. It is the most effective way to ensure your employees understand the new system and that they have any of their questions answered. We also offer an option for continuous training so that your employees stay up-to-date on the latest software changes.

Another benefit we offer is Epicor EMI upgrade support. These upgrades improve your company’s performance, scalability, and productivity. This helps you easily prepare for growth.

We provide three separate data migration options including:

  • 100% data migration using Epicor Cirrus Cloud
  • Standard data migration using Epicor Data Migration Utility
  • Partial data migration that only brings over static data using Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT)

Implement Your EMI System Today

An EMI system refers to software that consolidates all manufacturing data into one place. It gives you a manufacturing intelligence overview that offers you better quality control.

But making the switch to an EMI requires careful planning and consideration. A consultant can provide you with guidance that helps installation and training go smoothly.

At Tomerlin-ERP, we provide you with the resources to implement your EMI system effectively. If you want to see how Epicor Kinetic Informance EMI can improve your manufacturing process, then contact us today.