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Upgrading your Epicor® ERP software is essential to the success of your business. In fact, without regularly servicing your software, you leave your company in a vulnerable state. That being said, it’s nearly impossible to get your employees hyped up about the newest software upgrade or implementation.

So, what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be difficult? With the right ERP consulting firm in your corner, the transition can go off seamlessly. This is because they have the right tools and resources needed to make sure that your implementation or upgrade is successful.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Epicor Kinetic ERP training and how Tomerlin-ERP is ready to work with you towards your ERP success.

What Is Epicor® Kinetic ERP?

The latest Epicor ERP software update, called Epicor Kinetic, focuses on the user experience (UX) framework. Epicor calls its new UX, Kinetic. With this upgrade, you will find that you need more training for your employees. Hiring an Epicor consultant firm, like Tomerlin-ERP, will help the success of this new update.

Epicor Kinetic Training

What Is Epicor Kinetic Training?

Epicor® Kinetic training offers businesses their ideal learning environment for their employees when it comes to training them on new ERP implementations as they get added. It is also great for new employees who are learning the software and how to work it for the first time.

Tomerlin-ERP has been working exclusively with Epicor ERP software for years. We are fully equipped to handle all of your implementations and training in-person or virtually.

The training offers comprehensive learning and on-the-job knowledge on demand. Different types of training are available depending on the level of expertise your employees may already have when dealing with Enterprise Resource Planning software. Training for Epicor Kinetic ERP software is available in several different methods, including:

  • Live training
  • Remote training
  • Webinars (offered by Epicor®)

Live training involves in-person training on your campus. Through these live instructor lead courses, we can show your employees the best procedures and practices for your business. It happens to be the most effective method of training for Epicor ERP software due to its hands-on approach.

Remote training is ideal for those who have a basic understanding of Epicor technology. It’s less of a hands-on approach, but more of a refresher for those who need to brush up on a new module.

Webinars are best for those who need to learn the basics of a new implementation or specific update. If you are looking for online help for your business, webinars are the way to go. These webinars aren’t hands-on, but they are available as on-demand training that can be available on an as-needed basis.

Types of Training

These types of training are fully customizable to the specific needs of your company. With advancements in modern technology, there is always going to be a need for further training. The need for this continuous training occurs thanks to:

  • ERP updates and implementations over time
  • Training new employees on the existing programs
  • Providing annual refresher courses to promote ERP longevity

Epicor’s Kinetic ERP software promotes working together among different departments within your business. However, not everyone is going to need the same amount of or the same type of training. Some of your employees may need additional training based on their role within the company.

Epicor® Kinetic Training Features

You’ll notice when you work with Tomerlin-ERP we make the entire system easier for you. You’ll find that when dealing with the Epicor Kinetic upgrade, you have the tools and resources available to you to make sure that you get the most out of each implementation/update.

With our training, your employees will be ready to use these features without any assistance.

Epicor® Learning Center

The Epicor Learning Center involves web-based learning management for everyone involved. It has a ton of interactive, engaging courses and learning materials for every single employee. It’s ideal for onboarding new employees and improving existing employees’ skills.

You will also find that the learning center on-demand training videos for every available module.

Embedded Education

Embedded education refers to the self-paced training module. It is a continuously updated learning experience so that your employees are always caught up on the latest information regarding your ERP software. The application allows you to track, manage, and assign these lessons to your entire workforce.


Some people work better when they have the proper documentation in their possession. This means that they have to read the fine print to have a thorough understanding of the technology that they are working with. With this Kinetic update/training, ERP users have access to summaries, user guides, technical references, and so much more.

Knowledge On Demand

With knowledge on-demand (KoD), you will have the answers to hundreds of questions at your fingertips. The KoD is built into the new ERP upgrade via short video clips that help you to answer common questions in a matter of moments without having to place a hold on your current task and go track down a supervisor.

Kinetic ERP Training

Hiring a Tomerlin-ERP training consultant will only improve your chances of implementing successful software. With the proper training, your employees will quickly become experts when it comes to using the software.

Tomerlin-ERP can provide ERP software training to those all across North America. We are also able to provide our services to Canada and Mexico.

Contact Tomerlin-ERP today for more information about Epicor Kinetic ERP training for your business. We can’t wait to hear from you!