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Use Epicor® Kinetic ERP Management by Exception and Improve Productivity

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The organization is respected, but productivity is worshipped. Every company puts hacks into place to get more organized, but if you don’t have tangible results to show for it, you can’t say that your business is productive. Since productivity and profits go hand in hand, you’ll want to get access to every tool that can help. Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can help you cut the fat and get more productive. Epicor® ERP is one of the best tools in the game, and its management by exception capability is something you should seek out and put to use. Consider the following info to learn more.

Why Epicor® Kinetic ERP’s Management By Exception is a Winning Solution

Epicor ERP is a valuable software that manages the business processes you and your team can access anywhere and up to the moment. You’ll squeeze the juice out of Epicor’s features when you embrace management by exception. Once you know what an ERP system is and how it can help you, it’s essential to hone in on the specific features that you need. You can’t go wrong with management by exception, regardless of what industry you’re in. Here are some of the reasons that you’ll want to get your feet wet with management by exception:

  1. It Only Shows You Instances Where Productivity Falls Outside of Desired Parameters

Management by exception is helpful because it deals strictly on a need-to-know basis. A good ERP software manages all instances that remain inside the tactical parameters you set up. You’ll set specific parameters in advance, and the software will point you toward the cases in which you exceed those parameters, so you can quickly manage them. The instances that fall outside your set parameters are more likely to hurt your company sooner than later. You’re more able to improve your company’s workflow and productivity when you have concrete data about what’s not working. For instance, if you notice that certain employees log longer hours while not getting the productivity to justify it, you can intervene and help them create a working strategy. Likewise, you’ll notice areas of fiscal waste, so you can re-route the behavior that is lending to this waste. In this way, management, by exception, stops the bleeding. Pointing out process abnormalities lets you more quickly find solutions. You’ll dramatically improve productivity when you get a handle on your problem areas. This way, you don’t have to wait for a new quarter or year to find issues making your company less effective. It’ll help you stop the bleeding and optimize your business to the fullest.

Your Employees Will Have More Flexibility in Their Gameplans and Approaches

Management by exception makes your company less rigid in that it enables you and allows all your employees to work with less oversight as long as they get the job done. Micromanaging your employees takes energy and effort that can be used elsewhere. Your employees will enjoy a working environment that doesn’t stifle their creativity and lets them figure out which approach works for them. With management by exception, you’ll only intervene when something is going wrong, and this strengthens trust across the board. This improves company morale and allows for a culture where your employees feel appreciated. It also makes your managers more efficient with their time spent managing employees. You’ll keep your managers from getting burnt out when actionable data is brought to them on an as-needed basis. Using this management style will free up the mental energy for your staff to make the right decisions whenever human interference is required. This beats spending energy on each item and only getting managers involved to deal with the essential.

It Lets You Get Ahead of Data That Will Be Audited

When you audit your company in real-time on your own, you’ll get clear information that will help you with an official audit. You’ll be working with up-to-the-moment data, so by the time an official audit is conducted, you’ll already have a clearer picture and some ideas about what solutions will be necessary. As you prepare for an audit, you’ll love that management by exception. You will be way ahead of the audit process. Combing through point after point can be time-consuming. Since this tool only shows you what requires your immediate attention, you’ll correct issues quicker than you otherwise would have.

You’ll Re-Route Resources Where Needed and Save Money

Optimizing your workflow through Epicor’s management by exception is vital for your company’s budget. It opens the door for communication and collaboration that lets you use your resources more wisely. You’ll become a well-oiled machine since management by exception enables you to focus your resources to save money and work more effectively. Your company will become less about busywork, and people will be used in ways that allow them to contribute. Since 35 percent of professionals waste time because they aren’t challenged, this can help you cut waste and improve your profit margins.

Look Into Epicor® Kinetic ERP Solutions to Optimize Your Company

Epicor Kinetic EPR is an excellent tool because it is entirely customizable to your company’s needs. This software can be tailored to whatever industry you work in or the workflow you require. Management, by exception, is one of the most valuable facets of the software that you can take advantage of. Please take a moment to contact us to improve your company’s productivity and answer any ERP questions you have.