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Epicor® Kinetic Mobile Warehouse

Are you needing better control of your Warehouse Inventory?

Mobile Warehouse

Why you need the Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse. By the end of 2019, the estimated revenue of the US transportation and warehouse sector was $1.3 trillion. Fueling the warehouse sector alone are the 1.14 million workers it employs.

As impressive as these stats are, the warehouse industry remains rife with inefficiencies. Admin work, for instance, costs companies up to $5 trillion each year in lost productivity. Such work includes repetitive tasks like manual data entry and collection,

These are just some of the inefficiencies and issues you can prevent with Epicor Mobile Warehouse. It can, after all, automate many repetitive processes involved in warehouse operations.

The big question now is, what exactly is this product and how can it help reduce productivity losses? What can it do to help boost your logistics and drive your warehouse revenues?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this post, so be sure to keep reading!

What Is Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse?

Epicor’s Kinetic Mobile Warehouse module is part of the robust Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning solution. It’s a handheld application fully integrated with the Epicor Kinetic ERP. As a mobile warehouse solution, it delivers fast and accurate scanning capabilities.

One way it does so is through its innovative, intuitive user interface. Its complete integration with the Epicor Kinetic ERP also helps to minimize scanning errors. At the same time, this helps cut down the time needed to process transactions.

The EMW helps optimize warehouse workflow. With this handheld app, you can enhance your warehouse’s distribution process and functions.

epicor mobile warehouse

Features At A Glance

Here’s a rundown of the Epicor Mobile Warehouse features and what its users can do with it.

Compatibility With the Latest Scanning Devices

You can install EMW on scanners running on Android 5 or later. The same goes for scanning devices manufactured by Honeywell or Zebra.

To start using the app, you only need to download it from Google Play and save the program on your devices. There’s very minimal setup involve, as it’s already fully integrated with the Epicor ERP. Each user, however, can configure their app to create shortcuts or favorites.

Material and Inventory Management

EMW comes with core material management functions. These include letting app users take stock and inventory, as well as perform cycle counts.

Moreover, users can perform instant data scans using the item’s barcode or tag. They can also adjust and move materials from the warehouse floor through the app itself.

As a result, everyone can quickly access and locate the information they need. This then eschews the need for manual data entry and retrieval.

Material Queue

With the Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse, users can view material queues by full-page item. They can also have the app display the queues by list view. Moreover, they can save, filter, and sort named queries.

You can also assign each user with their own queue, or they can self-assign the queue. Users can then see individually-assigned items in their queue. From here, they can pick items delegated to their respective queues.

Users can also check available queues and grab items from the available line-up. If necessary, they can place items back to their original queues. They also have the option to unpick sales, items, and orders.

The app also makes it easy to view all material queue transactions per outbound order. Users can then choose and delegate these transactions to their own queues. Moreover, they can deselect sales and even transfer orders to another user.


The Epicor handheld app has all the functions needed to process inbound containers. It also delivers complete functionality to fulfill purchase orders.

For starters, it implements an efficient system for processing serial and lot numbers. It’s also capable of scanning multiple units of measure (UOM). It even enables users to search for all open purchase orders for a part through barcode scanning.

Once ready, users can process outbound shipments straight from their devices. They can even create and customize Pick Lists and Master Packs for certain customers.


EMW also features an Order Tracker, Receipt Tracker, and Job Tracker. Each Transfer Order Shipment you process with it also comes with serial-tracked items.


EMW is one of the automation tools built for Epicor Kinetic ERP. It lets you create automated workflows that certain scan events will trigger. This then reduces the need for manual tasks while fast-tracking your logistics.

The Benefits You Can Expect From EMW

Aside from the features above, Epicor Mobile Warehouse also allows users to:

  • Create receiving labels
  • Real-time shop/labor collection
  • Process outbound shipments
  • Monitor inventory levels

They can do all these mission-critical tasks using just their EMW device. They can carry out all these straight from the app itself. There’s no need to use a separate program, computer, tablet, or any other device.

This means that EMW helps minimize the need for additional hardware or software. This, in itself, reduces your warehouse’s overhead costs.

There’s a lot more to EMW than just these functionalities though. Here are some other benefits you can expect from this mobile-based warehouse solution.

Connection and Collaboration At Its Finest

EMW syncs and connects all devices under the Epicor ERP. As a result, the order status automatically displays every update or change. Users can then monitor the order for updates or revisions in real-time.

Resolve Inaccuracies

A recent study found that the average size of warehouses in the US is now 184,693 square feet. In addition, these facilities now have an average clear height of 32.3 feet.

Even if your warehouse is smaller than that, the fact remains that it houses thousands of items. It’s this massive quantity that can — and most likely has led to your warehouse’s inaccuracy issues.

Inaccuracy, in fact, remains one of — if not the biggest — problems of warehouses all over the country. Aside from inaccurate quantities, there are also inaccurate storage locations. You can also add to that inaccurate identification and inaccurate pricing.

Ultimately, all these inaccuracies lead to a major loss of profits.

Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse helps you address these issues with its real-time inventory tracking. For instance, your people can check inventory status to find its status and movement. If it’s running low, they can place orders to replenish the inventory before stocks run out.

In addition, EMW allows your people to find out the exact location of materials. They don’t have to sift through aisles and aisles of shelves to find what they need. They can simply search for the actual and exact location of the item in the EMW database.

Reduce Duplication Errors

EMW keeps its users connected to other users, so they’ll always have the updated data they need. Since all users can see what’s happening to orders, they can avoid duplication errors.

Resolve Issues on the Get-Go

When someone makes an error at the beginning of an order, the entire order is likely to end wrong.

Let’s say someone commits a mistake in entering a part number for an order. That error, as small as it may seem, will affect the entire order. At the very least, it may either result in deficiencies or increases in the total cost.

Now, imagine how big the problem will become if such mistakes occur for larger or mass orders. You either lose profits, lose a customer, or worse, lose both.

With Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse, you can prevent these issues from the very beginning. Again, it’s all thanks to the app’s live monitors and trackers.

Managers can take advantage of this by making real-time updates to the order. As a result, they can ensure the accuracy of each phase of the order process.

Monitor Team Performance

The real-time insight you can extract from EMW lets you delve into your team’s performance. You can pinpoint the areas of the workflow that suffer from the most delays. You can also monitor how effective your team is when it comes to picking and completing job orders.

Shortcuts to Further Minimize Time Spent on Orders

EMW also enables users to create their own shortcuts to material queues or streams. In doing so, they no longer have to go through the entire menu options when processing orders. This, in turn, can then further reduce the time needed to complete an order.

Incorporate EMW To Your Warehouse Operations Now

There you have it, the complete feature and benefit list of Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse. The fact alone that it’s intuitive and easy to use should be enough to pique your interest.

The bottom line is, EMW is the ultimate handheld warehouse management solution. The sooner you integrate it into your operations, the sooner you can boost your logistics.

Ready to streamline your operations, improve productivity, and generate more profits? We here at Tomerlin-ERP can help. Get in touch with us now so we can start fulfilling your Epicor ERP requirements!