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Project Management

Effective project management is one of the keys to a successful implementation of your Epicor® Kinetic ERP software. Our consultants have many years of project management experience and each have performed 100s of projects.


It takes many years for an implementation consultant to develop the business, industry, and ERP software knowledge required to be an effective implementation consultant.


You cannot get away from it. It always comes down to Epicor training, training, and more training. Tomerlin-ERP can provide you and your staff on-site or remote training. We find on-site training to be much more effective.


It is always our recommendation to explore using Epicor software as it comes out-of-the-box before you begin any custom programming. Epicor® spends a lot of time with their “Best of Class” users and they program into their software “best practices.” You need to seriously consider changing your processes/procedures before you ask for any custom programming.

IT Services

You cannot expect your local or in-house IT specialist to be on top of ERP software nor its related third-party programs. But here at Tomerlin-ERP, our Epicor IT services staff has the expertise you can rely on.



Do you feel like you’re all alone when you have a problem with your ERP software? Tomerlin-ERP will answer your call and solve your problem. If necessary, we will contact Epicor on your behalf and be your advocate with Epicor Support.

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