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5 Benefits of Using SSRS Custom Reports

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Epicor ERP SSRS Custom Reports

Are your reports slow to open? Speed them up with SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).

Check out the top 5 reasons why you should use Epicor® ERP SSRS Custom Reports for your business, and how you can get it implemented.

1. It’s Already On A Microsoft Platform

The good news about SSRS Custom Reports? They’re created with BIDS, which has already been included for free by Microsoft in their 2005 SQL server.

Not only does this mean it’s one less piece of software you’ll have to buy for your company, but it also means that, if you have to transition to another version of Visual Studios, or simply change your computer, the interface will stay the same.

No hours lost on having to learn new software for Epicor ERP SSRS Custom Reports!

2. It Offers Standard And Data-Driven Subscriptions

We love the convenience of emailing and sharing files these reports offer.

What we love even more? That it sets you up for multiple users and lists of subscribers that you can pull from lots of different sources of your data.

It also comes with snapshot capabilities, sends your report out on a schedule, and even lets you cache your content.

3. SSRS Custom Reports Come With Mobile Support

This is a big one – and it’s often overlooked by businesses and other reporting software alike.

But these days, without mobile support, nothing can run smoothly. (After all, Americans collectively check their phones about 8 billion times every single day.)

Not only is it compatible with Microsoft Surface Devices, but it also works with Apple iOs 6 and on your iPad. We love that kind of integration.

4. It Has Security In Windows Authentication

We know that protecting the sensitive information contained in your reports is hugely important to both you and your clients.

After all, last year alone, over 2 billion records were hacked into, exposing sensitive and even personal information.

That’s why we like that these custom reports use role-based applications that are linked to Windows Authentication.

If you’re especially concerned about a data breach, you can also extend the report to additional authentication and more.

Don’t play around when it comes to the security of your files.

5. It Gives You Customized Report Rendering

Wouldn’t it be great if you could deliver your reports outside of just your browser? With Epicor® SSRS Custom Reports, you can.

You can turn them into PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets, run them in Microsoft Word, TIFF, XML, and ATOM. In short, they can be made to work and run just about anywhere – how’s that for convenient?

Plus, you don’t have to deal with the headache of constantly reformatting your reports, a process that eats up valuable time throughout the day.

There Are Tons Of Benefits To SSRS – These Are Just 5!

We know that saving time in your office, getting programming that is cost-effective, and protecting the safety of the information and correspondence you share with your office and your clients is crucial to you.

We hope these 5 tips have inspired you to give SSRS a chance this year.

For more information on how to install, implement, and train your employees to get the most out of this software, feel free to check out our website and contact us.