Epicor® Kinetic Tools

Need new Dashboard, BAQ, BPM, or custom form or report?

ICE Tools

The Epicor® Kinetic ICE 3.2 Tools are the data gathering and monitoring tools available within Epicor ICE framework. These tools are primarily intended to used by managers responsible for fine-tuning their departmental use of the Epicor ERP application and for advanced users wanting to manage and display key data for their specific needs.

These basics tools are:

  1. Business Activity Queries
  2. External Business Activity Queries
  3. BAQ Report Designer
  4. Searches
  5. Business Process Management
  6. Custom Business Process Management
  7. Global Alerts
  8. Dashboards
  9. Dashboard Utilities
  10. Updatable Dashboards
  11. Executive Dashboards
  12. Epicor Data Analytics
  13. Epicor Social Enterprise

To the right on this page is an example of a Tracker or Dashboard for staying on top of future cashflow projections.

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