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Epicor® Kinetic Warehouse Management Solution

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​As the manufacturing landscape becomes more global, there is a need for faster and more efficient warehouses.

The best way to make sure that your warehouse is running precisely is to use an ERP. An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a process that integrates all business functions into one system. These modules allow you to reduce the number of apps you use making communication between different departments easier.

ERPs often come with modules that are specifically for warehouse management. These modules can combine shipping, receiving, purchasing, and manufacturing into one system. This allows you to create a fully integrated warehouse and supply chain system.

One of the best available is Epicor’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS). Through Epicor ERP is flexible and customizable, you may need some guidance to implement it. A good consulting service can help you take full advantage of the system and its features.

If you want to understand how a Tomerlin consultant can help you get the most out of Epicor WMS, read our guide to the benefits below.

Warehouse Management

Easier Implementation

Switching to an ERP can be an enormous shift for most businesses.

Epicor ERP provides one of the most flexible ways to switch to an ERP. Epicor provides a variety of deployment options including service as a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) model.

This allows you to access Epicor software remotely through the cloud. This method of implementation lets you have more employees working remotely. Epicor provides hosting options like virtualization, cloud-based hosting, hybrid systems.

At Tomerlin-ERP we provide help choosing the right hosting option for your company. Your company can also implementation Epicor ERP as an on-premises solution or as a managed service. No matter what you need, we can help set up Epicor ERP for your business.

Plan for Growth

One of the hardest things for a manufacturing company to plan for is growth. If the current trend in growth continues you will likely need to prepare your company will need to prepare to expand.

Epicor ERP ensures that your software is ready to grow with your business. This ERP system is both scalable and modular and can handle thousands of concurrent users. This means you are prepared for hiring increases.

As your company grows you may need to expand globally. This will mean facing more compliance issues. Around 60% of global multinational corporations face issues complying with international regulations.

Epicor provides tools to help you with multinational compliance. These include powerful electronic compliance engines that help you conform to government reporting formats.

Our consultants provide a program manager that will help you deploy Epicor and help provide resources to train new employees as you grow.

Better Inventory Control

We can help you implement and customize Epicor inventory control tools.

Inventory control is necessary for any manufacturing company. Having the ability to monitor and control your inventory can help you get your shipments out on time.

Epicor ERP provides technology like bar-coding or Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). This improves accuracy, productivity, and control over inventory. Epicor also provides tracking tools like bin trackers, job trackers, part trackers, and transition trackers. These tools help you pull up important information on products moving through your warehouse.

These tools allow you to have real-time updates about what’s going on in your warehouse. Staying up to date on the latest manufacturing issues can help you notice which trends are working and which ones aren’t.

The real-time information allows you to see which items you are running low on and which parts are especially popular. This ERP also improves inventory accuracy by only allowing customers to purchase items that are currently in stock.

This also helps you respond to any surplus inventory you may have. If the cause is a decrease in demand, you have the ability to solve and react to problems in real time. You can also categorize your inventory to see how your predictions match your actual outcome.

ERP Training

One of the hardest parts of implementing an ERP system is ensuring that all employees know how to use it. Luckily, Tomerlin-ERP provides Epicor ERP training to fit your schedule. We offer live in-person training, remote classes, and online webinars.

Our live in-person training allows us to send consultants to your business to train your personal on ERP business practices and procedures. We offer training at every level from beginner through expert level classes. As you become more comfortable with Epicor ERP, you can learn to better utilize its functions.

If you feel like your company may require more extensive training, there are options like Epicor University. This provides training that’s best for more experienced users. Tomerlin-ERP also allows for more strategic training to help you best utilize Epicor ERP.

Real-Time Warehouse Updates

Epicor ERP provides a Labor Management System that lets you see how your labor force compares to the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Epicor provides task and load management that allows you to see which tasks you have to accomplish next and the time frame in which they need to be completed. If you are looking to find out what is happening in your warehouse at all points in time, then Epicor ERP may work for you.

It also contains features that allow you to store information about the warehouse in one place. This information can include things like call order status, reports about the likelihood of errors, and productivity. There’s also the option of setting customizable alerts that notify management when specific action needs to be taken or when special events are about to occur.

Dashboards also help provide a snapshot of activities going on in the warehouse. This dashboard can be customized for your company and lets you track employee performance.

At Tomerlin-ERP we help guide you through these features. We help you set up a dashboard that is accessible and contains all the information that you need.

Performance Tracking

If you want your warehouse to run efficiently, you need data about what works and what doesn’t. The previous way that companies did this was by collecting data and hire people specifically to analyze the data and create dashboards for reporting.

Now Epicor ERP provides you with the ability to simply create and present information.

Epicor provides Microsoft Excel connectivity to help create simple, easy to read reports without any hassle. There are also tools to help you visualize data and present it easily. Epicor Data Analytics is a tool that helps you create dashboards to easily display any information that you need to help your manufacturing process.

You can also update this information in real-time so that your information always stays up to date. Epicor also provides mobile analytics that lets you access information from your phone at any time.

If you need more information than the standard Epicor ERP reports provide, we can help create custom SSRS reports.

Customizable Features

If you’re worried that a system that integrates all your business applications into one may not be able to fit your company’s needs, then consider how customizable Epicor ERP is.

You have the ability to create custom dashboards and reports that are catered to your specific needs. You can set up a variety of trackers that give you a more in-depth look at inventory and labor in your company. You can also tailor application behavior to the workflow in your company.

Our consultants can help you customize Epicor to suit your needs.

Project Manager

If you want to keep your Epicor ERP implementation on schedule and within budget then our ERP consultants have the perfect solution. We provide you with a project manager that closely watches over the entire ERP implementation process.

Their responsibility is to set up the resources your company needs and to help create a timeline for implementation, a schedule, and a list of goals to measure progress. They also deal with any issues that may occur during setup and answer any questions that may arise.

If you have any new Epicor installations, we can provide a project manager that will keep you up to date with your goals.

Mobile Warehouse

Epicor ERP allows you to increase efficiency using a tool called Mobile warehouse.

Epicor mobile warehouse has a variety of different features that allow you to keep your warehouse organized and that let you easily look up information about any product. These tools include things like labor tracking, inventory tracking, and shipping/receiving assistance.

Labor tracking tools allow employees to clock in and see their work queue all within the same system. Inventory tracking ensures consistency and that all your employees are working with the exact same information to make collaborative decisions. This allows your company to run more effectively as you keep track of your employees and inventory.

If you aren’t sure what kind of tools you need for your warehouse, our ERP consultants can help provide feedback on which tools may work best for you.

Easier Upgrades and Data Migrations

Beyond helping you install the new system, we provide frequent updates and methods of improving and customizing Epicor ERP.

At Tomerlin-ERP we provide three options for updating your system. The first is a complete data migration. With this option, you can use Epicor Cirrus Cloud Upgrade to transition.

The second option is the standard data migration which provides a more cost-effective data migration alternative after a successful implementation.

The third option allows you to bring over only the static data like customer information supplier data.

Find the Best Epicor ERP Consultant for Your Warehouse

Epicor ERP provides you with better inventory control, mobile warehouse management, and customizable warehouse solutions. These solutions help you run your warehouse more efficiently.

But implementing an ERP system requires careful planning and consideration. The right ERP consultant makes this process seamless. At Tomerlin-ERP we provide employee training, project managers, and guidance that helps you take advantage of all Epicor ERP features.

If you want to know how we can help make the most of Epicor Warehouse management solutions, contact us today to learn more.