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Whether your company is new to using Epicor ERP or you’re looking to increase the efficiency in which your company is using it, ensuring that your employees have adequate training is essential. This ensures that your company continues to grow productively.

Your company’s training needs will vary based upon what departments you’re training. It’ll also vary for the skill sets of your departments, and the learning style of your employees. When integrating a new application of this software into your company, making sure that you’re achieving the most from your Epicor ERP training. This will not only advance the skills of your current employees but also help to make the most out of your current Epicor ERP solution.

Are you ready to learn how to get the most out of your Epicor ERP training? If you are, keep reading to learn more.

Epicor ERP Strategic Training

What happens after you implement your enterprise resource planning software? After the date that you go live, the leader of the project may have a complete understanding of how to use the software. That doesn’t mean that the rest of your company is in as solid of a place after training.

No matter their ERP experience level, all of your employees can benefit from a comprehensive training plan. Making sure that your employees have learned how to properly use Epicor ERP software will assure that there’s an increase in productivity. This will also ensure but that your business sees a quick return on the investment.

Training Each Role

One of the biggest benefits of ERP software is that it encourages inter-department teams working together. As your employees are going through the training process, it’s essential that you explain how they can each take advantage of the new software. Offering this insight helps encourage your employees to use the software for increased communication through your enterprise.

Keep in mind that users throughout different departments will perform unique ERP functions. Ultimately, this means that you shouldn’t train each of your employees the same.

Any power users that you have on your team will need intense training on several aspects of the ERP software. However, other team members will only need to be using a handful of features.

Depending on the role each employee fills at your company, make sure all your employees are receiving an appropriate level of training. This ensures they will be able to incorporate the new software into their daily work routine.

Continuous Training

Just as your company isn’t static, the way that your employees interact with the ERP software will continue to change. There is going to be vendors that will make upgrades to their ERP products and even some of these updates may be a bit drastic.

Your company may even hire new employees or find new tools in the system that can be improved over time. You can easily increase the longevity of your ERP software by providing your employees with yearly refreshers. This can be done by educating about new and important changes that have been made to your business processes or any changes to the system.

Consider Training with a Consultant.

Going strictly by the book when you’re training your employees isn’t nearly as beneficial as hands-on training. Working with an Epicor consultant will provide your company with someone who has extensive training experience with this software. Not only will they help you maximize the value of your investment in ERP software, they will take the stress out of providing company lead instruction!

Instead of having the stress of getting every single branch of your company trained on handling this new software, hire a consultant. Find a consultant that’ll thoroughly teach everyone in your company how to use the software will ensure effective employee adoption.

Expanded Learning

The training that you’re providing your employees shouldn’t end with the initial training session. It’s important that you provide your team with continuous training, if you’re looking for an ongoing ROI. As your employees develop their understanding and knowledge of Epicor ERP, there’s an increased potential for a large ROI.

Without continued exposure, the knowledge that your employees gain through the initial training sessions will fade. It’s imperative for your company to revisit training and to find ways to build learning. This will help your employees develop a better understanding of the software.

Through integrating siloed departments and by encouraging continued education of the software, your company will easily be able to collect data and get a better insight into business intelligence.

Finding an ERP consultant that has a large selection of training resources will allow your company to flexibly. It’ll also offer your employees consistent training that fit their unique needs.

Learning While on the Job

Once your employees have completed the initial formal training, it’s essential that they have online documents. This will provide your employees with a tool to rely on for field definition and assistance. Creating defined fields that have assistance that’s context-sensitive is an invaluable tool to anyone that’s new to this software.

Any technical reference guides that you provide your employees will provide detailed information on how to handle specific tasks. This will provide your employees with permutations, functional overviews, case studies, process flow diagrams, and calculations.

Ensuring that your employees have access to substantial remote training resources that are easily available will help your team to importantly keep the training they received refreshed in their minds. This will support the success of your company.

Not only will this increase the user adoption of this software. it’ll also ensure that the ROI you receive encourages growth and innovation inside of your business.

When employees are better trained, you’ll find a better return on your Epicor university investment. Epicor software was built to make it easy to a company to work effectively and efficiently.

By enabling your employees to be able to efficiently use the platform, your company will be better equipped to identify potential negative events. It’ll also provide your employees with the ability to extract information from data you collect. Providing your employees with continued training on your company’s ERP solution is an essential factor for growth for your business.

How Effective ERP Training Promotes Growth

In the age of innovation, it can be difficult to position your company to continue to promote growth throughout the future. After all, your employees are both responsible for continuing to contribute to increased business intelligence and for carrying out business processes. When your company adds in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, ensuring that your employees have effective training will grow your business.

Successfully implementing EPR software into your company can continue to grow in the future. It isn’t the type of software that benefits from the ‘set it and forget it’ approach.

When done well, adding in Epicor ERP software can not only increase profit margins, it can also increase performance metrics for complete deliveries, on-time deliveries, inventory accuracy, and other crucial areas. By realizing that your company has nothing but benefits from effectively training your employees on your Epicor ERP software, you’ll be able to realize the ultimate potential of your team.

However, having your employees trained effectively can be problematic, if you don’t have the proper training strategies or support. Understanding new software and the processes that come with understanding the software can be intimidating.

By shifting the technological landscape, there are many challenges that your employees can be faced with. The challenge to understanding new software can be exacerbated by training that isn’t effective. Throughout the training, your employees need to have an understanding of how the new Epicor software benefits them. It’ll also show your employees the position that they play in your company.

Following through with role-based training will help your employees to connect with ERP platforms to the bigger picture of how the software. This benefits both them and your company, which will help to motivate your team!

Achieving More with Epicor

Building strategic training is essential for ensuring that your Epicor ERP software is a success for your company. With more than 25 years of experience in developing enterprise software projects, Tomerlin-ERP has experience with Epicor ERP solutions. We’re here to serve your team for all of your Epicor ERP software needs! E-mail us today at info@tomerlin-erp.com to learn more about our Epicor university training.