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The Ultimate Guide to Your Epicor® Kinetic ERP Upgrade

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry will only continue to grow over the next several years by 5.4%. Advances in modern technology mean that business software is constantly changing. With Epicor®’s Kinetic ERP software, the user experience is improving along with the software used to simplify the entire process for manufacturers.

Continue reading to learn more about the Epicor Kinetic ERP upgrade and how it can help to improve your business.

What Is Epicor® Kinetic ERP?

The newest upgrade to Epicor’s Enterprise Resource Planning software has a new name: Epicor® Kinetic 2021. As of June 10, 2021, the Epicor® ERP software will begin this new era based on Epicor’s Kinetic User Experience (UX) framework.

The rebranding of Epicor® ERP came after Clayton, Dubilier, & Rice (CD&R), a private equity firm, purchased it. They are enabling Epicor® to become more competitive with the modernization of business software.

Epicor Kinetic 2021 is Epicor’s professional services reimagined for:

  • Advancements in technology
  • The transition of digital business

Transforming the user experience and implementing predictive search results are just a few of the things that the newest version of ERP has to offer.

If you are considering an upgrade, you don’t have to worry about an interruption in productivity. The upgrade will take place without a significant delay in business.

What’s New With the Software?

Epicor was able to implement the Kinetic UX framework to improve its ERP software to a point where it can keep up with advances in modern technology.

The main update focused on the user experience. They were able to increase user efficiency and create easier-to-read menus. The search functionality also got a reboot. The transition made it easier to implement with the rebranding of the software. The software is available on both desktop and mobile applications.

The update has given the eCommerce module a new look and fresh features. With the eCommerce update to Epicor® Commerce Connect, manufacturers have a new punchout capability.

With DocStar’s update to enhanced document security for workflow and custom revision, you can rest assured knowing that your documents now have an added sense of security behind the scenes of your business. The DocStar name has also been changed to Epicor® Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The spreadsheet server gives manufacturers the ability to import data in real-time within Excel with Spreadsheet integration. It allows users to create/input data in a familiar Epicor environment.

The update with EDI integration allows EDI Source endpoints to promote real-time connectivity.

Improvements in compliance mean that it’s easier for manufacturers to meet both FDA software validation needs and CMMC regulations. It’s important to know that you are compliant with all rules to continue without annoying interruptions to delay productivity.

The Application Studio gives manufacturers the ability to customize their ERP software without needing a developer to make the changes. With the update, ERP users can create layers and edit components, rules, and events in a low- or no-code environment. It works with Kinetic but with older Epicor ERP modules such as Commerce Connect.

Machine Shops Benefit with the Epicor Kinetic Upgrade

Metal manufacturers will benefit from the Advanced Unit of Measure (AUOM) update implemented to improve the tracking abilities of specific types of metals. The original program only allowed for one part number, but manufacturers found that they needed to track the different sizes and types of metal.

The update allows manufacturers to track multiple types and sizes of metal through the one part number via program customization capabilities.

Why Choose Tomerlin-ERP for your Epicor Kinetic Upgrade or Installations?

If you haven’t decided to implement Epicor’s Kinetic ERP platform, now is the perfect time to get started. We are fully prepared to take on upgrading your current ERP system to Epicor’s latest ERP version. After 20+ years of working exclusively with Epicor ERP software, we have been named the “Best in Class.”

There are three options for the upgrade depending on your business’s specific needs and the software from which you are migrating, including:

  • 100% data migration via Epicor’s Cirrus Cloud Upgrade/Migration
  • Epicor Data Migration software upgrade tool
  • Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT), here we implement the latest Epicor ERP version with all of your static data and perform a data migration of all of your transactional data.

It’s time for an upgrade if you are using:

  • Vista
  • Vantage
  • Epicor 9
  • Epicor 10
  • Epicor 10.1
  • Epicor 10.2

If you aren’t using Epicor’s ERP software, it’s time to implement the newest version for the best results.

If you are still questioning whether or not you should upgrade, look no further. The newest version of Epicor ERP allows manufacturers to:

  • Increase user performance
  • Improve business productivity
  • Make better business decisions/ risk assessments

The cloud is ready for you to make the change with its ability to handle migrations and implementations. With the upgrade, you will find that it is scalable on a global level so that the software can grow with your business as necessary. The upgrade also allows users to stay connected from anywhere they have access to the cloud.

Tomerlin-ERP Is Here to Help

Tomerlin-ERP is your best choice for your Epicor Kinetic 2021 ERP upgrade. It doesn’t matter if this is your first installation or a repeat upgrade to the latest software versions because we work exclusively with Epicor to handle all of your upgrade requirements.

Contact Tomerlin-ERP today for more information on upgrading your business software to Epicor Kinetic 2021 ERP. We can’t wait to hear from you!