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Epicor 10 Implementation

Tomerlin-ERP consultants are experts at Epicor 10 implementation. Implementing Epicor ERP 10 requires both business experience and in-depth knowledge of the software and that is the basis of our success.

Epicor® ERP software has revolutionized the way companies produce goods and services. They integrate different parts of a company and ensure smooth flow of information across the enterprise quickly. Epicor ERP systems provide benefits to organizations by tightly integrating all departments across the organization. Implementing an Epicor ERP system is not a matter of changing software systems, rather it is a matter of repositioning the company and transforming the business practices.

An Epicor 10 Implementation will cause massive change and all for the betterment of your company. It is a disruptive event, as it should be, causing everyone to rethink why they do what they do the way they do it.. The critical issues must be carefully considered and managed to have the results you want and expect. You need to identify those critical implementation issues: top management commitment, re-engineering your existing business processes, select the right Epicor ERP modules, identify a skilled and experienced Epicor ERP consulting firm, schedule adequate time for the implementation process, identify the costs, dedicate your best employees as in-house project managers, train all users, and be sure to engage your employees in a way which gives them a sense of ownership in the outcome of the implementation.

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We are ready to help...We will make the difference for you when we properly implement or re-implement your Epicor ERP software for you.

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