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The Benefits of Working with an Independent Epicor® Kinetic ERP Consulting Firm

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Over 50% of manufacturing companies say that ease of use is a core quality when implementing an ERP system.

An ERP automates many businesses like manufacturing, accounting, and client outreach. This reduces the amount of time you spend coordinating your team over multiple apps.

One of the best ERP options is Epicor. Epicor has flexible installation options and works in a variety of different industries. It also includes training and detailed knowledge of Epicor’s customizable features. Implementing this system usually requires a complete overhaul of your current system.

In other words, this process can be complex and often requires an extensive process to put in place.

Luckily, Epicor ERP consulting firms specialize in installing the system. Independent consultants can provide you with personalized ERP implementation, training, and focused client-based solutions.

If you want to understand the benefits of using an independent Epicor ERP consulting firm, check out our guide below.

What is an Independent ERP Consultant?

Let’s go into detail about what Independent ERP consultants do.

An ERP consulting firm is a company that you hire to help you implement and train employees on the new ERP system. In our case, Epicor ERP consultants have experience assisting customers to implement the core and advanced modules of the system.

An independent consultant’s specific job is to help you choose which settings and features are suitable for your company. They often specialize in manufacturing, retail, and finance in particular business areas. Consultants also help implement and train employees on the new system.

Independent consultants often provide project managers to help oversee installation. For example, at Tomerlin-ERP, we provide project managers that help create a project plan for implementing Epicor. This plan enables you to create a realistic timeline that considers the scope of the project and the size of your company.

The project manager works with the client’s system administrator to monitor how the implementation is going. They help deal with any problems that may come up. They also ensure that your staff has the time and resources necessary to finish the project successfully.

Why Should You Hire an Epicor ERP Consulting Firm?

Why should you hire an Epicor ERP consultant? Let’s first answer the question of what ERP is?

An ERP refers to Enterprise resource planning. It is software that consolidates the applications used for running a company into one system. This improves efficiency and reduces downtime.

One study showed that employees switched between 35 work-related apps over 1,100 times per day. They were leading to a massive decrease in productivity.

Switching to a different system often requires coordination between all parts of your company. Having someone to help you navigate the new system and answer questions helps the transition move more smoothly.

Implementing an ERP usually requires sweeping change throughout a company. This is a huge undertaking, and having a consultant walk you through the process help make the process go smoothly. Outside consultants provide implementation solutions for complex situations.

ERP consultants typically have more specialized experience in different industries. They also provide answers and help design solutions when you have complex problems.

Independent Epicor ERP consultants provide solutions tailored to your company. Instead of the more standard solution that the software manufacturer may provide.

An independent consulting firm works to help you make the most of your Epicor ERP system.

Independent Firms Guide You Through The Entire Process

One of the significant benefits of using an independent Epicor ERP consulting firm is guidance. They can dedicate time to help guide you through the entire implementation process. This means you have a company dedicated to answering your use questions.

A Tomerlin-ERP helps provide an ERP implementation plan with a positive return on investment. This means that we help ensure that your investment in Epicor will pay off.

Tomerlin has over 25 years of experience in developing ERP projects. We provide you with help picking the right Epicor ERP implementation option for your company. We also offer support with training employees and giving software upgrades.

The benefits of using an ERP consultant extend through the entire life cycle of your company.

We provide continuous upgrade support and continued training. This allows us to provide you with updated training and yearly refreshers. This helps you stay up to date on any changes that are taking place within the system.

Independent Firms Provide Individualized Training

One of the significant benefits of using an independent Epicor ERP consulting firm is more personalized methods of training your staff. Consulting firms provide you with more training options instead of standard Epicor training materials that may not fit your specific company.

For example, at Tomerlin-ERP, we provide a wide variety of Epicor ERP training options from which your company can choose. These include on-site, webinars, and live remote training. Our in-person training provides the most effective method for training your employees. When you decide to use live on-site training, we provide you with consultants that come to your campus to train your employees on best practices.

We also offer training for prior versions of Epicor ERP, including Vantage, Vista, Epicor 10, and Epicor 9.

The training we provide is also role-based which means it is specific to the modules you’re using. We also offer training for all Epicor ERP users, from beginners to more advanced users.

You can also choose how much training staff will get based on how they interact with the system. For example, some employees may only need training in a handful of features. At the same time, employees that have more roles in the company may need to understand the system extensively.

We also provide options for more experienced Epicor ERP users. Our webinars work best for workers already familiar with the process and learn more about specific procedures.

Independent Firms Provide Software Customization

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an independent consulting firm for Epicor is customization. They have a team dedicated to helping you customize the software for your company.

For example, Tomerlin-ERP provides customizable help reports, programming, and dashboards. Our team consists of programmers with years of experience customizing Epicor for clients.

One of the best examples of this is customizable dashboards. This advanced tool collects all the essential data for you and consolidates it into one place. We help you create customizable forms that allow you to decide which fields you need.

We also provide you with customizable reports. These allow you to take advantage of data to make more informed decisions about running your company.

Independent Firms Offer Real-World Solutions

Independent ERP consultants are in a unique place to help you find solutions to the problems that your firm faces. Their primary job is to listen to your company’s concerns, offer guidance, and give honest feedback on issues you’re facing.

This means that independent consultants may provide you with more than the manufacturers. Who may not recommend solutions outside of their one size fits all system.

Independent contractors will tell you when problems arise that require a solution outside the ERP software.

Independent Firms Provide Upgrade Support

Independent Epicor ERP consulting firms also provide you with the latest software updates, as well as up-to-date training on the software.

At Tomerlin-ERP, we help you upgrade from your current Epicor ERP software, including Epicor Vantage, Epicor Vista, Epicor 10, and Epicor 9. We have over 20 years of experience helping companies upgrade

We provide a variety of different software upgrade options. These include:

  • 100% data migration using the Epicor Cirrus Cloud Upgrade
  • Standard data migration using Epicor data migration utility
  • Partial data migration using Epicor’s Data Management Tool.

Keeping your software up to date lets you make the most out of Epicor ERP.

Upgrading your software provides you with a more scalable system. That will accommodate your company as it grows. It also improves your productivity performance and makes your business more connected.

These upgrades also provide you with the ability to switch to the cloud when you feel your company is ready.

Find the Best ERP Consulting Firm

An Epicor ERP consulting firm provides customizable support for your users. It provides benefits like individualized training, upgrades support, and software customization. Independent consultants can help with complex problems.

At Tomerlin-ERP, we provide you with all the tools you need to get the most out of Epicor ERP. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, then get in touch with us today.