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Tomerlin-ERP should be your Epicor® Kinetic installation guide. Tomerlin-ERP provides Epicor® Kinetic ERP software installation, optimization, and upgrade services. We provide complete Epicor-related IT Services with highly experienced and certified technicians.

Tomerlin-ERP’s IT staff, consisting of Jeremiah Moore, Steve Cornelison, and Dan Simonton, is managed by Jon Farley. Jon, a degreed IT professional, has managed Epicor IT services for 20+ years. Our IT Services team can install and optimize your Epicor® Kinetic ERP & 3rd party software. Our IT services team is experts at Epicor installations, optimizations, integrations, and upgrades, including third-party software such as Salesforce, Service Connect, APM, BarTender, Epicor XL Connect, etc.

Ask Tomerlin-ERP’s IT Department how best to structure your: Epicor® Kinetic Hardware and Software Sizing.


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Epicor® Software Installations

If you are currently using an earlier version of Epicor® ERP software, it is time to upgrade to the latest version, Epicor® Kinetic ERP. If your company is still using Epicor® Vista, Epicor® Vantage, Epicor® 9, even Epicor® 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, you are missing out on the new features available in Epicor Kinetic ERP.

Our Epicor IT Services have performed hundreds of upgrades over the years. Our Epicor IT consulting team can make your Epicor upgrade a seamless process. With an upgrade from Epicor 9 or Epicor 10 to Epicor Kinetic ERP, we can migrate all of your data, including your transactional data. It’s a seamless process. If you are still using a legacy version of Epicor, like Vantage or Vista, we recommend migrating only your static data and starting anew with your transactional data. This type of system migration is one of the aspects in which we specialize.

The data corruption cleanup is most often very problematic. Consequently, we use the Epicor® software Date Migration Tool (DMT) for this purpose. The DMT enables us to bring over your static data without any corruption quickly. Perhaps your company just purchased Epicor Kinetic ERP, and you are looking for an independent ERP consulting firm to perform your installation and implementation. Our installation team is certified in all aspects of Epicor Kinetic.

Epicor Software Installations.
Epicor Kinetic ERP software database optimization.
Epicor Kinetic ERP Software Database Optimization

Lack of server or database optimization can substantially negatively impact your Epicor ERP system’s performance. Tomerlin-ERP IT professionals have troubleshot servers and databases for years. Allow our experts to performance tune your database and experience the difference. Don’t let system speed hurt the productivity of your business. Give us a call and see if we can help ease your pain!

Network and Hardware Upgrades

When software users upgrade their software, they often need to upgrade their server and network. Our Tomerlin-ERP IT consultants have managed hundreds of system upgrades. Our IT personnel have in-depth experience with Epicor® Kinetic ERP, Epicor® 10, Epicor® 9, Vantage, and Vista support. Epicor software users typically run many different software applications on their business network. This means that the system will need more power than the Epicor® software alone requires. The Tomerlin-ERP IT staff will design and size a server and network to deliver optimum performance for each unique business application.

Our ERP IT consultants have managed hundreds of network and hardware system upgrades.

Slide "Tomerlin-ERP is one of the best business consulting firms with whom I have ever worked. Their knowledge of our Epicor ERP system combined with their knowledge of finance and cost accounting has made them a tremendous resource for our company. W Machine Works is better off because it capitalized on Tomerlin-ERP’s skills and broad business acumen. We could never have implemented our Epicor ERP system without them." Marzel Neckien
President/CEO, W Machine Works
Slide "Tomerlin-ERP helped us sort out a terrible, tangled program, and of Epicor software was never implemented nor used correctly. Tomerlin-ERP set us on the right track going forward. Tomerlin-ERP is an expert trouble-shooter, problem-solver, and teacher/trainer. Reimplementing ERP software while it is being used is quite a talent. Their business experiences and abilities are superior. They are our only Epicor ERP consultants." Julie Hale
Comptroller, EnDyn
Slide "We selected Tomerlin-ERP to lead our Epicor® 10 implementation and are extremely pleased with the results. Their knowledge of the system is unsurpassed. From the onset this group was a great source of support. The team’s members are highly skilled, driven professionals. Tomerlin-ERP invested the time to get to know our company and we formed a true partnership. It has been a pleasure working with this firm." Kyle Monoe
Customer Service Manager, Alvord-Polk Tool
Slide "Tomerlin-ERP operated as a third party IT consultant we used for installation and training on complicated Epicor ERP software. They performed perfectly on all aspects of the services they provided: installations, upgrades, data migration, implementation, and training. Tomerlin-ERP proved to be a unique and valuable asset in these projects." Steve Hanks
General Manager, Monroe Industries

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