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International shipments, multi-account support, configurable fee handling, EEI/AES integration submittal & retrieval

Epicor Manifest

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The Epicor Manifest application delivers a solution that extends your Epicor shipping capabilities to offer an easy to use shipping solution for your business. Reducing the complexity of multi-carrier and multi-location deployments, the Epicor Manifest application is architected for simplicity and minimal impact for your Epicor implementation. The Epicor Manifest application is built in .NET with a modern plug-in architecture.

International shipments & documentation

Generate International paperwork, including bill of lading and certificate of origin.

Multi-account support

Customer accounts can be used to take advantage of customer rates with carriers.

Postal manifesting with Endica integration

Easily use Endicia integration for US postal shipments.

Supports non-US origins in a single server deployment

Shipments originating from Canada and Mexico are available in a single server deployment.

EEI/AES integration submittal & retrieval processing

AES integration provides a central point through which US exporters are able to electronically file their Export transactions, known as Electronic Export Information (EEI), without the hassle of extensive paperwork.

Configurable handling fees by customer or facility

Charging for shipping services is easily with configurable handling fees.


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