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Epicor ERP Project Management

At Tomerlin-ERP, when we are responsible for your Epicor ERP Project Management, our approach consists of five stages: Prepare, Plan, Design, Validate, and Deploy. It is a proven procedure which our consultants believe delivers to the customer a cost-effective implementation.

The Epicor Project Manager (PM) is responsible for overseeing the entire implementation process through to completion. One of the PM’s primary responsibilities is to coordinate the Tomerlin-ERP resources that are required to perform an on-time and smooth implementation.

The PM works with the customer’s system administrator/project manager and together they monitor the progress of the Epicor implementation. Together they set expectations, schedules, and timetables to measure progress. Together they manage the unexpected events as they occur.

An important and often overlooked aspect of being a successful PM is “change management.” Your success not only depends on how well you manage the Epicor implementation, but also how well your associates accept and support this change. Your associates will have many different reactions, like, “This software does not apply to me,”; “We don’t need a new ERP system,”; and the most difficult to manage are the associates who don’t tell you they are frightened they might not be able to learn how to use the new software. For all of your associates, you need to show them the big picture and for those who are intimidated by the thought of a new software system, give them your personal assurance that they will receive the training they will need to be a success!

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At Tomerlin-ERP, we have Epicor® Ceritified Project Managers.

Stage #1: Prepare

The Preparation Stage is when Tomerlin-ERP aligns the Epicor implementation project expectations with the software suite the customer is planning to implement. Tomerlin-ERP helps its customer validate that the software will meet the customer’s business needs and together explore the best suite of implementation tools and techniques that will meet your timeline and budget requirements.

Stage #2: Plan

The Planning Stage is when Tomerlin-ERP and the customer agree on the goals for the Epicor implementation.

Stage #3: Design

The Design Stage begins after the Epicor implementation is launched and the project plan is approved. In this stage the team begins to use the system and together they determine and document how the system will be used.

Stage #4: Validate

The Validation Stage is to ensure that all procedures are correctly implemented and that the transactions flow correctly through the software.

Stage #5: Deploy

The Deployment Stage  is when the Go Live Plan is created so Tomerlin-ERP and the customer can both be prepared for this critical phase of the project.

Post deployment, Tomerlin-ERP recommends that you consider having its Epicor consultants on site the first week after Go Live. Also, consider having a financial consultant on site the first End-of-the-Month closing.

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