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The Time to Upgrade Your Epicor® Kinetic ERP is NOW

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The new and improved software is based on the Kinetic UX framework. When a private equity firm became the new owner of Epicor ERP, the rebranding of the software was only natural. The upgrade aims to make Epicor more competitive and advanced.

Call one of our consultants today to take advantage of the newest upgrades at current Epicor ERP prices.

The Epicor Advantage – The Kinetic Upgrade

With Epicor Kinetic upgrade, you can keep up with increasing customer demands and drive business profitability.

Some of the highlights of this new software include:

  • Enhanced User Experience : A modern interface with easy-to-read menus and advanced search functionality characterizes Epicor Kinetic. The user interface has been improved to improve user efficiency.
  • Improved DocStar Feature: The DocStar feature has been renamed Epicor Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The upgrade delivers an enhanced sense of security for your business’s critical documents working backstage.
  • Better Ecommerce Module: Epicor Kinetic has an e-commerce module with fresh features. The Epicor Commerce Connect upgrade allows manufacturers to enjoy a new punch out capability.
  • Spreadsheet integration: With the spreadsheet servers, users can now import information in real-time within Excel and work within a familiar Epicor environment.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Integration: The EDI Source endpoints boost real-time connectivity and support ten standard demand-and supply-side document alerts.
  • Application Studio: The expanded capabilities of the Application Studio let users create layers and edit components in a low-code or no-code environment. The feature allows users to customize the ERP solution without needing a professional developer. With Epicor Kinetic upgrade, every casual user can personalize screens for faster and wiser operations.
  • Improved compliance: Kinetic comes with significant improvements in compliance. It meets the validation requirements and certification needs of manufacturers in the medical device industry and suppliers from defense and aerospace.
  • Help and Support panel: The upgrade has many new features and lets you get all the help through quick and easy access to the Help and Support panel. The familiar type-head predictive search results and
  • Enhanced Document Security: Aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturers are supported through enhanced document security and customer numbering present in the ECM.

If you wish to find out more about Epicor Kinetic or learn about your upgrade path – please give us a call today at 818-887-9162.

Take on the Future, Scale, Grow Without Limits

It’s more than a new name. If you are using Epicor Vista, Vantage, and the version of Epicor 10 or Epicor 9, upgrade to Epicor Kinetic without delay. Reach out to Tomerlin ERP to make the transition comfortable and straightforward for you.

Here is a list of services to make the upgrade implementation easy for your business.

  • First, we will install your new Epicor Kinetic software.
  • We implement the upgrade through a systemic approach that starts with process and data mapping.
  • After implementation, we will perform any customizations you might require.
  • We will assign a dedicated ERP Kinetic upgrade consultant to migrate your data.
  • We provide comprehensive training to your employees.

Give us a call to learn more about implementing the new Epicor Kinetic ERP upgrade.

Excellent Employee Experience

If you are using Epicor ERP version 10 or earlier, upgrade to Epicor Kinetic to keep your employees connected and on track.

  • Empower teams to master content workflows and improve business productivity.
  • Ease adoption.
  • Enhance and streamline routine tasks with voice integration
  • Collaborate easily
  • Do all this work using Epicor XSOL.

Laser Customer Focus

Get a world-class experience at every touchpoint across the customer lifecycle.

  • Epicor Kinetic provides a consistent and positive UI experience
  • Using CRM manage your contacts, leads, and customers from anywhere
  • Ship on time using Epicor Job Scheduling
  • Manage teams and territories with a single source

Innovate Operations

Epicor Kinetic is highly secure, tightly integrated, and captures the actual value of data.

  • Track your progress in real-time
  • Find intelligent insights
  • Increase automation and streamline processes

Partner With Us

If you are still using Epicor ERP version 10 or earlier, upgrade to Epicor Kinetic with Tomerlin ERP.

We have worked exclusively with Epicor ERP software for 24+ years. We are perfectly equipped to manage all upgrade requirements. You will experience a smooth transition into a world of great opportunities and better benefits.

If you want to explore the benefits of Epicor Kinetic, please reach out to our team through our website: or call us at 818-887-9162.