Epicor® ERP Training and Consulting

Tomerlin-ERP is your Epicor® ERP Software Training Consultant

Epicor® ERP Training

Tomerlin-ERP is your Epicor® ERP Training Consultant

Epicor ERP Training – At Tomerlin-ERP, we offer Epicor® ERP training for Epicor ERP 10, Epicor ERP 9, Epicor Vantage, and Epicor Vista. Among the various Tomerlin-ERP training opportunities, Live Onsite Training works best for just about everyone. We have highly skilled training consultants with ERP certification. An ERP consultant, or a few, will come onto your campus and train employees in the best ERP software practices and processes. This training method has proven to be the most effective in learning Epicor. Our consultants perform Live Remote Training sessions as well. This type of instruction works well when the trainees understand the business logic behind the Epicor ERP software.

Epicor University

We always recommend Epicor® ERP clients leverage Epicor University for their employees. Epicor offers three different learning experiences. They are: 1) Live Classroom, 2) Live Remote Classroom, and 3) Webinars. Tomerlin-ERP believes the most effective ERP training method is the live classroom, followed by the live remote classroom. The webinars seem to work best for the knowledgeable user who just needs a little more information about a specific process.

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