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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Epicor® Kinetic ERP Software

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Any time a company decides to upgrade its systems to an Epicor® Kinetic ERP software solution, there’s an immediate opportunity for growth.

Not only are legacy solutions clunky and outdated, but they’re also slow and can make processing a pain. This is where migrating data onto a comprehensive ERP platform can make a world of difference in accessibility and functionality.

Even if you already have an ERP solution in place, it may be time for an Epicor® Kinetic upgrade. This is especially the case if you’re running Vantage 8, a previous version of Epicor® released in 2012.

Replaced in 2013 by Epicor® 9.0, then Epicor® 10 in 2014, and then by Epicor® Kinetic ERP, Vantage 8 was a revolutionary step forward at the time. As your operations grow and scale, however, you’ll need to upgrade to a more recent, robust software solution.

We offer three upgrade paths to get you there. Today, we’re breaking down each one so you can determine which is the best fit for your company.

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Why Maintain Your ERP Solution?

Once you’ve implemented your Epicor® Kinetic ERP solution, the work doesn’t stop there. Rather, you should have someone assigned to your team who’s responsible for making sure it’s always running smoothly and up-to-date on all the latest applications.

This step is critical because an outdated or obsolete system opens your company up to a host of vulnerabilities and security threats. It can also upset your business processes and reduce efficiency.

Post-implementation, create an Epicor® Kinetic ERP maintenance strategy so you’re analyzing and improving your system on a regular basis. When it’s time to upgrade, you’ll have three paths. Let’s review each one in detail.

1. Epicor® Kinetic ERP Total Data Migration

This is a standard, one-size-fits-all Epicor Kinetic upgrade, reserved in most cases for those running Epicor 9 or higher.

What makes an ideal candidate for the Epicor Kinetic ERP Total Data Migration? In short, a company that is already off on the right foot. Can you check “yes” to the following statements?

  1. You have a clean database.
  2. Your original consulting team implemented the software correctly.
  3. You’ve made limited customizations to the software.
  4. Your Epicor users have made complete and accurate data entries since Day 1.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, this is a seamless upgrade solution that can work for you. Keep in mind, however, that it will be phased out in the near future.

Data Migration Timeline

While the upgrade itself is free, there may be costs incurred for program operator and data cleanup efforts post-upgrade.

The time required for the migration depends on the level of data corruption and can take between three and four days.

Why would your data become corrupt if your data entries are accurate when you begin? The answer lies in the steps you take to perform your Epicor Vantage upgrade.

The risk of data corruption is highest when companies migrate from Vantage 8.04.400 to Epicor® 9.0. There are also risks involved with the move from Epicor 9.0 to 9.04, then from 9.04 to 9.05, then from 9.05 to 10 to 10.1 to 10.2, and the final step to Epicor® Kinetic ERP.

2. Epicor Kinetic ERP Cirrus Migration

As the Epicor Kinetic ERP Total Data Migration service becomes obsolete, it’s replaced with the Epicor® Kinetic ERP Cirrus Migration solution.

Named after Epicor’s new cloud-based data migration tool known as Cirrus, this upgrade is perfect for users who are still on Vantage or another legacy Epicor ERP system such as Vista.

When you’re ready to migrate to Epicor Kinetic ERP or higher, you can deploy Cirrus to do so. The caveats? Your original consulting team should have installed your older model correctly and data fields entered to date should be clean and correct.

Another reason to go this route? As Cirrus upgrades are performed in the cloud, there’s less risk of data corruption.

Data Migration Timeline

The time required for the migration depends on the size of the database and the level of data corruption and can take between two and four months.

Prices will vary depending on the upgrade package you select. The base package includes all the components necessary for successful data migration, including:

  • The software upgrade
  • Post-mitigation data corruption cleanup
  • Software installation
  • Reconciliation reporting
  • Data cleansing scripts

The upgrade itself costs more than the ERP Total Data Migration package, but the implementation is quicker and there are far fewer issues to contend with upon completion. This makes the ERP Cirrus Migration package more than worth the investment.

3. Epicor® DMT Upgrade

While it’s preferred that you start out with a clean and accurate canvas when upgrading your Epicor ERP system, we know that isn’t always the case.

This is where the Epicor DMT upgrade comes in.

Neither the Epicor® Kinetic ERP Total Data Migration nor the Epicor KInetic ERP Cirrus Migration will be successful if your database is compromised due to faulty original implementation or incomplete data records.

Put simply, a database that’s in poor shape now will remain that way no matter how sophisticated the new ERP system is.

In this case, your best bet is to migrate over your static data only, foregoing the transactional data. To make this process as smooth as possible, it’s wise to hire an Epicor® Kinetic consulting team to take the reins. This group of experts can implement your new Epicor Kinetic ERP system first, then bring over your static data.

Moving forward, your consulting team can help train your employees on how to enter data fields in a correct and time-sensitive fashion. This way, your new database can stay as clean as possible.

Data Migration Timeline

The time required for the migration depends on the size of the database and the level of data corruption and can take between four and six months.

Clients will need to review all Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to verify data accuracy and will also help rebuild all Methods of Manufacturing or MOMs.

Trust Us to Handle Your Next Epicor Upgrade

When you invest in an ERP system, you want to make sure you’re getting the greatest return possible. This is why it’s important to stay on top of software version upgrades.

When you’re operating on the latest one, you can make sure you’re getting the quickest and most accurate solution possible.

Are you ready for an Epicor Kinetic upgrade at your workplace? Whether you’re using Epicor 9.0 and want to move one notch up or you’re still chugging along with Vantage 8, we’re here to help.

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