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Tomerlin-ERP, an Epicor Channel Partner, is your Epicor ERP Consulting firm for Epicor® 10, Epicor® 9, Epicor Vantage®, and Epicor Vista® Software. With Tomerlin-ERP, you will always have the support for all of your needs. We provide a total outsourcing answer for all aspects of your business, covering software selection, installation, optimization, upgrade, implementation, training, customizations, custom reports, dashboards, BAQs, and BPMs. With our top 5 ERP consultants having over 115 years of combined experience, we know your industry and we know your Epicor® ERP Software.

As your Epicor ERP consulting firm, Epicor Channel Partner Tomerlin-ERP charges based on a time and materials basis for its Epicor consulting services. Its billing arrangement with each client is detailed in its Professional Services Agreement. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Tomerlin-ERP serves all of North America with offices in California, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Canada, and an office soon to be opened in Mexico. Call us now at 818-887-9162 and ask us about our Epicor ERP services.

Let's Build Something Together

Think about your business and start with the basics. What do you want to achieve? How can you improve your work processes? At Tomerlin-ERP, we specialize in delivering Epicor ERP software and ensuring it helps you better achieve your goals.

Our Core Services

Epicor ERP Implementation

Software selection is the first step when launching a new ERP system, but it is only one of three vital tasks. The second phase of this process is a sound and complete implementation. Third  third and most importantly, all users must have a sense of ownership in the process as well as in the final product.

Epicor ERP Training

Epicor ERP user training is essential for a successful implementation. Solving business issues is often easier than it seems, but capturing the support and enthusiasm of your ERP users during implementation can determine how well  implementation meets management expectations.

Epicor ERP Project Management

Successful software implementation requires an experienced project manager to execute the project plan and to keep the project on track and on time.  The person responsible for your project management must be able to identify the roadblocks and obstacles that can delay or derail the project to prevent them from happening and/or to lessen their impact. This experience is only possible through managing hundreds of similar projects, as we have at Tomerlin-ERP.

Epicor ERP and 3rd Party Software Installation

While everyone has installed software at some point, it is rarely as simple as it seems. As such, the successful and optimized installation of Epicor ERP software is not a task which should be attempted by the untrained. Our IT Services team not only is trained by Epicor but has also performed hundreds of installations.

Epicor Customization

Epicor’s software has been serving clients for over 25 years, and during that time, while working with its broad base of clients, Epicor has developed “best practices”suitable for most industries.While most ERP software will often meet 90% to 95% of your needs out of the box, the best solution most often is re-engineering your business processes. In some cases, customization is appropriate.

Epicor ERP Support

We are standing by ready to support your needs. Call us and we will respond promptly, contact  Epicor on your behalf, and if necessary, and be your advocate.

Epicor ERP Job Scheduling & Job Costing

When asked, most companies searching for their first ERP software will list a number of goals and objectives that they would like to achieve. However, the goals we see most frequently  are
Job Costing and Job Scheduling. That said, fewer than 5% of businesses ever successfully implement scheduling. To reduce Work-In-Process, reduce lead times, project realistic ship dates, ship on-time, and free up your capital for other uses, such as funding growth. Implementing Finite Job Scheduling for your shop floor is a must. Tomerlin-ERP is the top ERP consulting and training industry expert at Finite Scheduling, which when effectively implemented, can help solve these issues for your business.

How to select an Epicor ERP consulting firm

  1. Does the firm have knowledge about your industry?
  2. Do they have a proven track record?
  3. Do they have experienced Epicor certified consultants on their team?
  4. Do they have references from prior Epicor ERP implementations?
  5. Do they have a full-service organization?
  6. Do they use a proven methodology?
  7. Can you work with this team of Epicor ERP consultants?
With Tomerlin-ERP as your ERP consulting firm, you can confidently answer “yes” to all of these questions. For more information about our team, reach out to us at 818-887-9162 or info@tomerlin-erp.com. We look forward to working with your business and helping you achieve your goals.