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Epicor® DocStar

Why your company needs DocStar

Does your industry certification require your company to include with product shipments a complete set of certification for all materials used in making that product. If you answered yes, then you need DocStar. If your company has a large and growing number AP invoices to process, then you need DocStar. If you need to have a set of custom rules to process and route content for approval, then you need DocStar. Is your staff struggling to capture, manage, and retrieve a growing volume of documents, then you need DocStar.

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Key Components of Enterprise Content Management


Easily create and edit content-driven Workflows using an intuitive graphical canvas

  • Create custom rules to process and route content for approval.
  • Distribute items automatically based on business conditions.
  • Receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information.
  • Monitor progress through the workflow dashboard.
  • Complement existing business applications and technologies.

Intelligent Capture

Capture documents from virtually any input device in any location.

  • Centralized storage accessible from widely distributed locations.
  • Easily import/save documents from applications and file systems.
  • Automated indexing – Advanced OCR, Barcodes, Regex Pattern matching, formatting.
  • Embedded Browser-based scanning.
  • Smart Text extraction and evaluation of data from content.


Easily create custom forms with drag-and-drop technology.

  • Easy to us drag and drop forms builder.
  • Auto-populate data from other systems.
  • Permission-based security.
  • Automated email alerts for forms status

Search & Retrieve

Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context searching.

  • Automatically perform commonly used searches (text, field, annotation and name) from a Google-style toolbar.
  • Use simplified auto-complete or structured Boolean search.
  • Search the contents of the entire repository in seconds.
  • Using “Fuzzy” searches, easily locate documents that sound similar.

Document Retention

Easily apply and automatically enforce Document Retention Policies.

  • Set document disposition to auto-destroy or place in review folder.
  • Easily and instantly apply document freezes when necessary.
  • Save time while easily complying with legal or organizational retention requirements.


  • Gain business intelligence through interactive dashboards to visually determine
    bottlenecks and system-wide metrics.