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DocStar ECM Overview

The Epicor DocStar Enterprise Content Management Software is an essential tool for managing the workflow of your business.

DocStar goes beyond typical document management systems to help you manage the logistics of your company as efficiently as possible with its cloud-based technology. Whether your business requires processing comprehensive product certifications, constantly increasing AP invoices, extensive regulatory requirements, or simply a high volume of documents, DocStar can help you maximize your return on investment.

Our IT staff and custom programming consultants are ready to assist you with your implementation of DocStar. See how this content management software can help your business grow, today. Get in touch!

Understanding DocStar Enterprise Content Management

One of the most important aspects of DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is its ability to optimize your workflow. With an intuitive graphic design, DocStar allows you to create custom rules to route content for approval and distribute items automatically across your firm based on business conditions at any particular time. It also allows you to closely monitor your entire company’s workflow in real time, sending you instant workflow notifications and letting you visualize the progress of all your projects on the DocStar dashboard.

With its advanced ReportWorks feature, DocStar employs an interactive display to help you visualize bottlenecks in your operations and sends you system-wide metrics to give you the tools to address the issues it discovers. The software also integrates seamlessly with other common business applications and technologies, complementing your existing approach rather than just complicating it.

Keeping track of all your company’s projects and various workflows can be challenging, but DocStar ECM helps eliminates time wasted in trying to retrieve information. Featuring a Google-style text search alongside simplified autocomplete, Boolean, and “fuzzy” searches that look up similar-sounding document titles, DocStar’s powerful search and retrieve function delivers results in seconds.

Not only does the software allow you to find what you’re looking for almost instantaneously, it also uses intelligent capture technology that allows you capture documents from virtually any device in any location. This means centralized storage accessible from widely shared locations, an intuitive import/save function for your other business applications, smart text extraction, automated indexing, and embedded browser-based scanning. There is no other business software that makes tracking documents so straightforward.

In order to make creating custom forms as simple as possible, the software uses common sense drag and drop technology to eliminate the hassle from the process. Auto-populating data from other systems, it also allows features permission-based security and automated email alerts to give you control of every step of the process.

DocStar makes applying and enforcing your company’s document retention policies easy as well. For example, the software allows you to either automatically place documents in review or auto-destroy themselves and instantly apply document freezes whenever needed. With this easy, automated approach to document retention, DocStar allows you to save time while making sure you comply with all legal or organizational requirements.

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How Tomerlin-ERP Can Help You Implement DocStar ECM

Tomerlin-ERP’s IT staff and programming consultants are standing by, ready to help you implement DocStar as efficiently as possible and minimize the headaches that come with switching to a new software.

It can take years for an Epicor consultant to develop the knowledge base to successfully implement DocStar content management system software and other Epicor software. Tomerlin-ERP’s background of deep connection with the software makes our firm uniquely positioned to help your business use the DocStar to its fullest capabilities. With decades of experience working on hundreds of projects, Tomerlin-ERP’s consultants know how to implement the proper Epicor project management techniques to ensure a smooth transition.

We also take a hands-on approach by working directly with your staff in the training process. While we offer both remote and on-site training, we find on-site training to be most effective, as it allows the both the software and your workforce to reach their full potential.