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Epicor® Kinetic DocStar® ECM Overview

The Epicor Kinetic DocStar Enterprise Content Management – Now called Epicor ECM is an essential tool for managing the workflow of your business.

DocStar or ECM goes beyond typical document management systems to help you manage your company’s logistics as efficiently as possible with its cloud-based technology. Whether your business requires processing comprehensive product certifications, constantly increasing AP invoices, extensive regulatory requirements, or simply a high volume of documents, DocStar/ECM can help you maximize your return on investment.

Our IT staff and custom programming consultants are ready to assist you with your implementation of DocStar. See how this content management software can help your business grow today. Get in touch!

What is DocStar or ECM

One of the essential aspects of DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is its ability to optimize your workflow. With an intuitive graphic design, this document management software allows you to create custom rules to route content for approval and distribute items automatically across your firm based on business conditions at any particular time. It also allows you to closely monitor your entire company’s workflow in real-time, sending you instant workflow notifications and letting you visualize the progress of all your projects on the DocStar/ECM dashboard.

ReportWorks employs an interactive display to help you visualize bottlenecks in your operations and sends you system-wide metrics to give you the tools to address the issues it discovers. The software integrates seamlessly with other typical business applications and technologies, complementing your existing approach rather than just complicating it.

Keeping track of your company’s projects and various workflows can be challenging, but this ECM system helps eliminate time wasted in retrieving information. It is a powerful search and retrieve function which delivers results in seconds. Featuring a Google-style text search alongside simplified autocomplete, Boolean, and “fuzzy” searches that look up similar-sounding document titles.

There is no other business software that makes tracking documents so straightforward. Not only does the software allow you to find what you’re looking for almost instantaneously, but it also uses intelligent capture technology that allows you to capture documents from virtually any device in any location. This means centralized storage accessible from widely shared locations, an intuitive import/save function for your other business applications, intelligent text extraction, automated indexing, and embedded browser-based scanning.

To make creating custom forms as simple as possible, the software uses common sense drag and drop technology to eliminate the hassle of the process. Auto-populating data from other systems also allows features permission-based security and automated email alerts to give you control of every step of the process.

DocStar, an affordable, efficient document management ECM solution, makes applying and enforcing your company’s document retention policies easy as well. For example, the software allows you to place documents in review or auto-destroy themselves automatically and instantly apply document freezes whenever needed. With this straightforward, automated approach to document retention, DocStar or ECM allows you to save time while making sure you comply with all legal or organizational requirements.

Epicor DocStar or Epicor ECM is a software package to manage all your accounts payable documents and much more. With Epicor’s Smart AP Automation, you will be able to capture, route, approve, and integrate with Epicor ERP.

This software is flexible and valuable for any industry. With AP Automation, you will reduce late payments, get invoice approval or denial, and improve your AP process’s visibility, allowing you to focus on other now more time demanding procedures.

Here are Some of the DocStar/ECM Features

When looking into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, it takes time to check out the features. Doing your research lets you see if Epicor DocStar is what you need.

Below are a few of the features you’ll enjoy with Epicor DocStar:

Completely Customized Automated Workflows

Close to 50 percent of professionals in accounts payable say that manually handling the documents creates problems and setbacks. This quick scanning technology will prevent headaches.

That’s where automated workflows come into play. DocStar or ECM will automatically perform 2 or 3-way matching, which improves the accuracy and speed of the purchase-to-payment time.

Epicor DocStar or Epicor ECM is an automated accounts payable service that lets you quickly upload documents using intelligent data capture. The software can scan your forms and extract data with the highest accuracy.

With this automated workflow, you’ll avoid having your desk stacked with papers that need to be processed. Epicor DocStar or Epicor ECM scans and uploads fast, which instantly gives you access to these documents from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

Flexible Electronic Form Processing and Storage

DocStar or ECM keeps all your records on file, whether they initially came to you in hard copy form or digital format.

When the documents are scanned, Epicor DocStar or Epicor ECM gives you the benefit of optical character recognition (OCR). OCR optimizes accuracy and saves you the trouble of entering data after scanning manually. What’s more, the software accepts and converts all file types.

You’ll also be able to automate your document retention cycle. This keeps you from manually setting and monitoring these parameters and reduces your liability risk.

Proper Handling of Human Resources (HR) Documents

Not only does DocStar or ECM let you process human resources (HR) documents, but it also syncs and integrates with your existing HR system.

When you have access to this content workflow, you ensure that protecting your human resources documents remains a priority. You will have the complete confidence of knowing that your materials are safe and secure.

DocStar or ECM offers HR automation that helps to collect and categorize documents from employees, 1099 independent contractors, and vendors. The software is up to date with compliance codes and will store your documents and information accordingly.

For instance, you’ll make sure that your company’s HR department is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), and other acts and ordinances.

It facilitates every part of the HR process, including insurance, retirement accounts, offers of employment, paid and unpaid leave, and sick days. You will have an archive of these records for all accounts payable for as long as you own your company.

An Entire Audit Trail

When you use AP automation, you’re also benefiting from an entire audit trail.

Since every document and image is tracked in the cloud, you will have an up to the second timestamp – every time a change is made. You will also see which professional in which department signed off on the document, signed it, and moved it along the workflow.

Having an audit trail lets you go back and catch mistakes or take any actions necessary.

In addition to the audit trail, Epicor DocStar AP automation gives you access to duplicate payment alerts, fraud detection, and vendor management. Thanks to the software’s expansive and responsive search engine, these alerts are searchable throughout the archives.

Sophisticated Reporting and Dashboards

DocStar’s AP automation is smooth, thanks to its advanced reporting and dashboards.

The dashboards show you every part of the workflow, which eliminates blind spots and gets up-to-date info on approvals. It also comes with the ability to edit the graphical presentation of your dashboard, so it is completely customized to your liking.

You can change and set key metrics to put together any accounts payable reports you need for presentations and meetings.

Upgraded Productivity That Reduces Errors and Organizes Your Documents

Since you’re building a large, cloud-based accounts payable document archive, you’ll be glad to know that Epicor DocStar or Epicor ECM maximizes productivity and minimizes error.

The automation tools will immediately categorize your documents based on security, department, and other factors. You can actively set parameters for your directories so that your documents end up in the right place.

Your company will optimize its productivity while also benefiting from two and three-way matching, which keeps your documents as accurate as possible.

Look Into DocStar or ECM For Your Accounts Payable Needs

You can’t go wrong with adding these tools to your accounts payable process. You will manage payments and close out invoices more effectively when you automate the process.

DocStar will give you a helping hand you need.

Take the time to contact us to learn more about Epicor ERP software.

How Tomerlin-ERP Can Help You Implement DocStar ECM

Tomerlin-ERP’s IT staff and programming consultants are standing by, ready to help you implement DocStar or ECM as efficiently as possible and minimize the headaches that come with switching to new software.

It can take years for an Epicor consultant to develop the knowledge base to successfully implement DocStar or ECM content management system software and other Epicor software. Tomerlin-ERP’s background of deep connection with the software makes our firm uniquely positioned to help your business use the DocStar or ECM to its fullest capabilities. With decades of experience working on hundreds of projects, Tomerlin-ERP’s consultants know how to implement the proper Epicor project management techniques to ensure a smooth transition.

We also take a hands-on approach by working directly with your staff in the training process. While we offer both remote and on-site training, we find on-site training to be most effective, as it allows both the software and your workforce to reach their full potential.