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Epicor Advanced Quality Management

What is Advanced Quality Management?

AQM includes Product and Process Documentation, Customer and Supplier Management, Non-conformance and Corrective Action, Employee Training, Audit Management, Device and Equipment Management and Advanced Planning capabilities.

For your employees AQM manages training, skills, and jobs. For your customers AQM manages communications. For your suppliers AQM manages communications and audits. For your documents AQM manages the documentation of your work instructions and procedures. For the product your manufacture, AQM manages blueprints and specifications., synchronizes process flows and plans. For your equipment, AQM manages preventive maintenance. For your devices, AQM manages calibration and device analysis studies. For your data collection, AQM manages your statistical process control, receiving, first article, in-process and final inspections.

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What is Advanced Quality Management

AQM will enable you to achieve compliance with TS-16949, AS 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO 9000.

Epicor AQM is designed around the needs of complex business processes. It extends Epicor ERP and begins with solutions for managing suppliers, customers, and employee information. Its modules are designed to create documentation relevant to quality systems and manufacturing processes, as well as, your product data management and analysis.

For your operations AQM includes modules for preventive maintenance and device calibration, as well as complete inspection, data collection and SPC capabilities. The system provides for the tracking of non-conformances and the ability to issue and handle corrective actions.

Epicor AQM integrates system-wide audit management capabilities, including an Advanced Planning module.

Complete quality cost tracking embedded throughout AQM provides the ability to define labor hours not otherwise managed in Epicor ERP. This approach enables you meet and exceed the quality standards you set out for your company.

AQM Includes

Product and Process Documentation, Customer and Supplier Management, Non-conformance, and Corrective Action capability.

Compliance and Audit

Industry and regulatory compliance requires three basic capabilities: process control, documentation and visibility. The Compliance & Audit solution, implemented in concert with AQM core capabilities, enables you to automate your business processes, share key information, provide process documentation, traceability, and track existing and potential issues through effective resolution.

Data Collection

AQM Data Collection and statistical process control (SPC) enables you to gather all the key data required for receiving, in-process and final inspections. It provides automated management of inspection plans for each operation of business processes, with complete revision control and change history. Collect data against these operations and chart results for controlling these processes and achieving continuous improvement.

Equipment Management

These integrated productivity tools strengthen the management of all preventative and reactive equipment maintenance activities. This solution maintains accurate online records of all maintenance work order and calibration activities.

Product Launch

AQM product launch defines, automates and documents the critical aspects of your product launch process to assure engineering design information is translated effectively throughout the pre-production process. Advanced product quality planning (APQP) management enables you to synchronize all key processes and activities through the creation of templates, project plans and checklists that manage all details of the launch process. The solution also manages the quality of parts through a series of highly controlled submission warrants, checklists and approval routings, as required by industry-specific quality methodologies, including production part approval process (PPAP), initial sample inspection report (ISIR), and First Article. All part specifications and modifications are documented and communicated to promote error-free production runs.