Tomerlin-ERP | Epicor® Product Lifecycle

Epicor PLM supports your end to end business needs

Epicor Product Lifecycle Management

PLM and why you need it!

PLM will enable you company to manage all information regarding a product from its initial design and engineering through to its manufacture, and to its sourcing. PLM will manage everything that comes into contact with this product development process, both external and internal.

The major components of PLM which will enable your company to control your product development and ensure comprehensive control of it are: ƒ

  • Product Data Management
  • CAD Integration
  • Document Management
  • Production Engineering

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Product Launch

  • Task based workflow
  • Project phase controlled
  • Master Control
  • Product cost analysis
  • Test reporting
  • Electronic sign off
  • Email correspondence

Quality Procedure Documentation

  • Quality product documentation
  • Quality process documentation
  • Automated routing approval
  • Versioning

PLM Supported Products – mCAD

  • CATIVA v5
  • Pro/Engineer
  • Unigraphics
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • Inventor
  • MicroStation
  • OneSpace Designer
  • AutoCAD


  • Epicor PLM supports your end to end business needs
  • Epicor PLM offers transparency between engineering and the plant floor
  • Epicor, if integrated with your CAD system, will ensure:
    • The right product is produced
    • With the right build
    • And the right bill of material (BOM)
    • With complete project oversight