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Epicor® Field Service Management

The Field Service module in Epicor® Kinetic ERP is for companies that send their employees/technicians into the field to install, service, or repair systems or equipment. The Field Service module will enable you to schedule and dispatch your field service personnel. Epicor ERP will automate dispatching technicians into the field. Additionally, the Field Service module can manage field service contracts, service calls, and warranties.

The Field Service module is fully integrated with CRM, Case Mgmt, Job Mgmt, and Scheduling.

The features of the Field Service modules include but is not limited to the following:


  •  Service contracts.
    • Assign to individual parts or product groups.
    • Warranties can be extended with a service contract.
  • Service contracts.
    • Service contracts can be updated by adding or removing items.
    • Service contracts can be renewed, and quotes can be created for customer renewal approval.
    • Service contract can be invoiced.
  • Labor hours and material charges.
  • Misc charges can be added to a field service job.
  • A subcontract operation can be added to a field service job.

    Mobile Field Service

    This aspect of the field service module enables the following:

    • Process work orders in the field.
    • Entering and tracking labor, inventory, materials, and equipment.
    • Incorporates safety, quality assurance, and customer approvals.
    • Real-time updating of work orders.
    • Works both online and offline.

      Case Management

      The Case Management module is fully integrated with Field Service.

      • Contact management.
      • Communications.
      • Traceability.
      • Social Service.

      10 Things to Know About Field Service

      You are in the middle of a big project, and everything starts to go wrong. Your inventory has not arrived on time, your worker’s overtime is growing, and you need to contact a dozen people before lunch break.

      What you need is a way to incorporate all aspects of your workload together.

      What you need is the Epicor Field Service program. Would you like to know more?

      What Is Epicor Field Service

      The Field Service program is a field service management program, or FSM for short.

      The FSM programs bring efficiency, speed, and control over an otherwise hectic outdoor work site.

      FSM programs combine employee supervision, scheduling, equipment maintenance, and more into one convenient and accessible digital format.

      FSM programs give you access to all the data you would need out in the field, allowing you to manage easily from any position.

      How does the Field Service program go above and beyond?

      What Can Epicor Field Service Do for You

      1. No More Lost Forms

      When you manage a host of workers with expensive tools and set deadlines, you end up with much paperwork to file. Paperwork may not be fun, but the worst part is keeping track of it all.

      With a centralized digital format like Epicor Field Service, forms can be neat and organized without losing physical folders.

      Epicor allows you to set up, fill out, and send out any form you could need while on the job. You then have all the forms you need at the touch of a button.

      1. Marking What Is Mandatory

      There is much information that comes along as a project goes forward. You have worker hours, equipment rental, purchases, and project notes. This is much information to manage.

      In the digital age, storing all of this data is not hard. The key is sorting through it smoothly and suitably for your ability to manage. That is where Epicor comes in.

      Epicor allows you to filter the data presented to you. You can choose what is essential and what is extra information to catalog for later.

      You can even make sure this information presents itself to you in several ways that fit you, from forms to spreadsheets and more.

      1. No Physical Handoff

      A non-digital form of data keeping has many obstacles. The biggest one, which adds up to a lot of lost working hours, is the physical handoff.

      Need to give a rundown of this week’s expenses and inventory catalogs to another foreman on another site?

      Someone would need to take vital hours transporting it to the other foreman with a physical copy. With a digital copy, you can email the forms to them.

      With Epicor, you share a network of data management. They already have all the information they would ever need with a simple sign-in.

      1. Real Progress Visibility

      The vast network nature of the Epicor Field Service programs gives a real sense of tangible progress as the system provides live updates for each project site.

      Seeing real progress can help managers gauge where every worker will be at any given time. This goes beyond a simple morale-booster that everything is on time.

      This also allows workers on every level to react to changes in the work environment.

      When the location and timeline of every project can be broadcast to anyone at a moment’s notice, the project can change directions on a dime, if need be.

      1. Live Feed of Information for Better Decisions

      With the Field Service program, you have given your managers broad access to all the information and items they need to do their job.

      As this information updates in real-time, management can itself be well managed. Anyone can see the progress and workloads of each project site.

      This speed of visibility allows any higher management to adapt to the needs of every workplace in real-time.

      There is tangible progress that they can monitor. This shows them what needs fixing and working to make everything run smooth and secure.

      1. Fast Reaction Problem Solving

      The live feed and scope of the Field Service program can help a good business run better, but how well does it react when things go wrong?

      Epicor shows you the closest and most available employees that can help when a maintenance issue has gone foul, and you need a fast response.

      When a client calls for you to fix a problem as soon as possible, you know where the supplies they need are and how fast you can get them to them.

      All the information is available, and the speed and accuracy Epicor gives you to make your response time perfect.

      1. Integrating GPS and Other Mobile Services

      Field Service is, of course, a digital format. The power of the digital age is the integration of technology.

      Where Epicor allows all your information and management to integrate, Epicor can also allow you to integrate with other mobile services and features.

      Call, email, GPS, data sync are all smartphone features that can work with Epicor to create a perfect centerpiece for technology in the workplace.

      1. Instant Speed Upload and Communication

      Epicor will never slow you down.

      Field Service gives you a seamless switch from management to communication. This allows you to send all these documents and information in a blink of an eye.

      You can communicate and manage without even looking up from the screen.

      While each moment may be small, increasing productive hours from saving trips back and forth can save a business.

      1. Instant Speed Upload and CommunicationInstant Speed Upload and Communication

      All information that goes through Epicor has accuracy on its side.

      Any available manager or employee can view and double-check an item in your system. Epicor also has services to check number balances along the way.

      With Epicor, you do not need to be wrong about a statistic again.

      1. Manage Multiple Projects

      With Epicor, managing a single project can turn into a breeze.

      This also makes the ability to manage multiple projects practically. As your company grows and expands, you can take on more and more projects, knowing you have a robust tool in the Epicor Field Service program.

      Management on Your Terms

      Now that you understand more about what the Epicor® Kinetic Field Service program can do to help your business, where do you go from here?

      We at Tomerlin-ERP are eager to get businesses connected and experienced in all manners of Epicor® Kinetic ERP programs. Eager to start? Contact us today!