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Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) streamlines, optimizes and maximizes your business' potential.

Epicor Commerce Connect

Commerce Connect will connect you with both your customers and your suppliers!

Epicor Commerce Connect will enable your customers and suppliers to view their transactions in your Epicor ERP system. This ability will optimize your relationships with both. Contact today to learn more about ECC and if you are ready now,  Tomerlin-ERP consultants are ready to install and implement this valuable module today. Call us now at 818-887-9162.


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Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) will streamline, optimize, and maximize your business with both your existing customers and your suppliers.

Customer Connect

Customer Connect is a Supplier portal which will provides your customers with the ability to view their transactions on your ERP system: orders, invoices, shipments and payments. It can permit your customers to update company contacts, delivery and billing addresses, etc.

Supplier Connect

Supplier Connect is a supplier portal which will allow suppliers to login and view the following information:

  • Parts lists
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Supplier Payments
  • Account Summary details