XSOL Digital Twin

Your Guide to XSOL Digital Twin

The XSOL Digital Twin is the perfect staging ground for a brand-new version of your company. Here’s what you need to know about Digital Twin, how it can help your business, and how a proper Epicor® ERP implementation can revolutionize your business.

XSOL Digital Twin

Most companies have training models. Some even have physical copies still that they use to train their staff. Because of their nature, these documents become less valuable as they age.

Tasking people to keep them updated seems like an uphill battle. Then, of course, there’s the fact that people learn much better by doing rather than by reading.
We also think of business training documents as something for new people to a role or organization rather than something that could radically transform a business. But imagine that your training manuals could work to improve your business rather than teach it. Imagine that they could become replicas of your business that you can then use to improve processes, test and create automation and improve your business while making it more profitable. This capability exists. It is called a Digital Twin Model of Business and was developed by innovative leaders XSOL.

Let’s take a closer look at what Digital Twin is for a business, its key components and advantages, and how integrating it with Epicor ERP can radically transform your business and make your employees more productive.

What is a Digital Twin?

Developed by NASA to help replicate a spaceship’s conditions in outer space, a Digital Twin is a complete digital recreation of your business – its organizational structure, activities, and resources, including people. Because it is a model, components are by their relationships, such as tasks and the staff with the skills to perform them.

Think of the Digital Twin as the full realization of process mapping software. Instead of a 2-D map, it’s a 3-D model, the complete operation, a framework that ensures all defined processes can be presented in an end-to-end value chain. Plus, because it’s a replica of your existing operation, it is easy to change to mirror your function through time rather than being a snapshot of a moment in time like process mapping or training manuals.

XSOL pushes the boundaries of the Digital Twin. Its proprietary software, Enterprise System Logic (ESL), models the logic that drives the real-life systems in a business. Because of its power and ability to input every aspect of the operation, it’s the perfect staging ground for any company that wants to take full advantage of Epicor ERP before implementing it (more on that in a bit).

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How does a Digital Twin help manage changes in an organization?

A correctly implemented Digital Twin is a perfect way to manage change for a few key reasons.
1. Familiarity: As a high-quality information transfer that’s easy to use, your staff will be able to buy in more easily. The reason: it looks and acts like the real thing.
2. Dynamic change: The big problem with change is “what’s affected?” If you make a change, have you created a problem elsewhere. The connected components of the model prevent this. You see what parts of the business are affected by a change you may make. With a Digital Twin you can change quickly and with confidence.
3. Weed out redundancies: In the Digital Twin environment, you can discover things you never saw before, such as where activities are duplicated or redundant, and where value is being added or last.

One of the most significant benefits of ERP software is that it encourages interdepartmental teams to work together.
Providing your employees with continued training on your company’s ERP solution is an essential factor for growth for your business.

Your first step to effective automation

Now that we know what a Digital Twin is and how it helps change let’s talk about how it helps you get the most from an Epicor ERP implementation.

Because it is easy to change you can define your business starting with a template model rather than a blank sheet. This gets people thinking, “How are we different?” and “Do we really need to do this?” Identifying duplicated and redundant activity stands out. You can get a significant improvement even before you start using the software’s analysis functions such as Lean that help you weed out non-value-adding activity.

When you have defined your business in the XSOL Digital Twin you can embed Epicor software functions, and other software such as spreadsheets, at the points in the processes where they are used. You can also add specific notes about how they should be used. This provides a perfect proving ground to make sure that the new processes are going to work effectively and ensure staff know exactly what to do with Epicor ERP.

A new kind of future-proofing

As you can probably imagine, combining Epicor ERP with Digital Twin to find and discover changes can help you effectively automate your business and its processes – activities like managing the flow of work between people, aiding staff decision-making, and automating the individual tasks they perform can all be done.

The next time you want to implement a change, you can synchronize your Digital Twin with existing content. The Digital Twin separates the flow of work between people at their desks or work centers from the tasks they perform as part of that workflow. This leads to two key features not offered by other business definition methods:

1. Visibility over a complete transaction. This can be from an initial quote all the way through to cash end-to-end. This high-level perspective is essential for making changes, removing rework and unwanted activities, and showing exceptions.

2. Analyze workflows before dropping to the task level for more detail. This is key for reducing the time required to implement Epicor ERP. When this is done, you can add more information at the task level for a lean improvement project.

By creating a Digital Twin and identifying where Epicor ERP is used within it, you can get the perspective you need to make a change, strategize change management and keep your company on the cutting edge. Redundancies and pain points cost companies more than they should at every size. With these powerful software tools working together, you can ensure your business can continually adapt to tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

Working with our experienced consultants will provide your company with someone who has extensive Epicor training experience with this software.
Finding an ERP consulting firm will allow your company to receive consistent training which fits your unique needs.

How to get the most of Epicor ERP with XSOL Digital Twin

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then it’s time to contact our team here at Tomerlin ERP. We work directly with you and your organization to help implement the best Epicor ERP system to help your business. Our team can help at every stage, from getting buy-in to helping set up a Digital Twin, training your staff, and maintaining the environment.

No matter your industry or size, Epicor ERP will help create efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profitability while making a more straightforward, streamlined operation. Contact us today to learn more about how we will help your organization reach new levels of success.

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