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At Tomerlin-ERP, when we are your Epicor® Kinetic ERP Project Manager, our approach consists of five stages: Prepare, Plan, Design, Validate, and Deploy. It is a proven procedure which our consultants believe delivers to the customer a cost-effective implementation.

The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for overseeing the entire implementation process through to completion. One of the PM’s primary responsibilities is to coordinate the Tomerlin-ERP resources that are required to perform an on-time and smooth implementation.

The PM works with the customer’s system administrator/project manager and together they monitor the progress of the implementation. Together they set expectations, schedules, and timetables to measure progress. Together they manage the unexpected events as they occur.

An important and often overlooked aspect of being a successful PM is “change management.” Your success not only depends on how well you manage the Epicor implementation, but also how well your associates accept and support this change. Your associates will have many different reactions, like, “This software does not apply to me,”; “We don’t need a new ERP system,”; and the most difficult to manage are the associates who don’t tell you they are frightened they might not be able to learn how to use the new software. For all of your associates, you need to show them the big picture and for those who are intimidated by the thought of a new software system, give them your personal assurance that they will receive the training they will need to be a success!

Are you implementing a new Epicor software solution? Are you finding the process challenging?

You should consider a Tomerlin-ERP Project Manager.

Implementing any new installation of ERP software is a huge undertaking. An essential aspect to having a successful implementation is having the project manager who can handle all challenges as they arise. 

Below, we have 5 reasons that explain why having an project manager is so crucial to your implementation. We also included tips to help you be a stronger project manager. 

If you want more information, check out Tomerlin-ERP. With years of consulting experience behind us, we are more than willing to help you make your Epicor implementation as successful.

Why ERP Project Management is Crucial

The first step in implementing successful ERP project management is to understand why it is so necessary.

An Epicor software solution affects everyone in an organization and can make managing the implementation difficult. Epicor facilitates the flow of information across your business in a seamless manner while creating a more efficient method of decision making.  

An project manager is important for a successful system because:

1. Project Size

A Project Manager ensures that project plans are realistic and creates timelines that truly consider the scope and impact of resources.

2. Project Execution

A Project Manager ensures Executive Sponsorship while making sure that there is appropriate representation from all branches of the organization.

3. Staffing

A Project Manager ensures that employees have enough resources, time, and support to complete a project successfully.

4. Unexpected Gaps

A Project Manager can keep track of gaps that can occur once a project is launched during a sales cycle and makes the decisions on how to address them.

5. Change Management

A Project Manager can successfully encounter changes to a project based on project scope or through change management for employees.

How to Create an Epicor Kinetic ERP Implementation Success

Implementing any new ERP software solution is a huge undertaking, and it will require a strong project management process to accomplish projects. Tips for a triumphant Project Manager include:

1. Focus on the Critical Requirements

Focus on what actually drives your business, not every piece of functionality. Define which 3-5 critical requirements need to be clearly defined, and go from there.

2. Employee Organization

As a leader, make sure that the right people are on the team. Having employees in their right positions will smooth out any bumps in the road.

3. Function-led

Bring all aspects of the business together and facilitate the implementation for success. Make sure your business leads the project process and focus on the key elements that will accomplish the project.

4. Change Management

You must prioritize change management for changes in jobs, processes, and the overall system. Be a strong leader and implement proactive communication for your Epicor ERP project to be a success.

6. Proper Training and Education

Make sure that processes are defined and understood. Make sure that employees know their responsibilities, expectations, and other daily details. Doing so will allow the new system to be implemented without stress and failure.

Epicor Kinetic ERP Consultants

With this knowledge in mind, you are well on your way to implementing an ERP system as smooth as possible. If you want further help, contact Tomerlin-ERP.

Implementing an Epicor ERP software installation can be challenging and we are here to help. With Tomerlin-ERP, you will always have the training, support, and resources to find the success you’re looking for.

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