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Mattec MES and Epicor® Integration

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Exporting Data from Mattec MES to Epicor ERP

In Mattec MES, production labor data is exported in regularly timed intervals, based on a schedule defined directly in the Mattec database by Mattec personnel. Data is exported into a Unicode text file that contains the labor data records. The first field of each labor record includes the type of data being exported. You can perform five types of labor exports: • L – Labor Details export • P – Labor CoParts and the quantity completed • E – Equipment counter associated with reported quantities • SCH – Scheduling parameters, including company and job data, operation data and production start and end dates.

Importing Data from Epicor ERP to Mattec MES

You can import data such as Tool IDs, Part IDs, Down Codes, Scrap Codes, Process Sheets, Job Descriptors, preventative maintenance jobs and operators into Mattec MES. The program reads an appropriately formatted Unicode ASCII text file and uses the information it contains to create or modify data.


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