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Tomerlin-ERP is one of the best business consulting firms with whom I have ever worked. Their knowledge of our Epicor ERP system combined with their knowledge of finance and cost accounting has made them a tremendous resource for our company. W Machine Works is better off because it capitalized on Tomerlin-ERP’s skills and broad business acumen. We could never have implemented our Epicor ERP system without them.

Marzel Neckien

President/CEO, W Machine Works

Tomerlin-ERP helped us sort out a terrible, tangled program, and of Epicor software was never implemented nor used correctly. Tomerlin-ERP set us on the right track going forward. Tomerlin-ERP is an expert trouble-shooter, problem-solver, and teacher/trainer. Reimplementing ERP software while it is being used is quite a talent. Their business experiences and abilities are superior. They are our only Epicor ERP consultants.

Julie Hale

Comptroller, EnDyn

Tomerlin-ERP came to Prescott Metal as an Epicor consultant to help us fine tune our ERP software and to maximize our scheduling ability as well as reduce our inventory.

On Tomerlin-ERP’s first visit, they helped us lay the ground work for the way we used of Epicor ERP software. They guided us in creating a plan to launch our Epicor ERP and to utilize its full blown scheduling.

On their second visit they targeted the implementation and rollout of the entire system.

Tomerlin-ERP was extremely helpful and enabled us to utilize our ERP system and to create a smooth flow by minimizing bottlenecks, reducing inventory and maximizing shipments and on time.

John Grondin

Owner/President, Prescott Metal

Tomerlin-ERP increased our pre-tax profit margins from 5% to 20% by increasing throughput and reducing variable costs with the successful launch of finite scheduling. We developed a job cost accounting system. Developed JIT procurement and integrated the entire supply chain process. We needed to launch Finite Scheduling and Tomerlin-ERP consultants made the most complex feature in Epicor ERP software work perfectly for us. Then they launched Job Costing without a hitch. Selecting Tomerlin-ERP to implement our Epicor ERP software was the smartest decision we made.

Corby Jones

President/Owner, Accratronic Seals

We selected Tomerlin-ERP to lead our Epicor® 10 implementation and are extremely pleased with the results.  Their knowledge of the system is unsurpassed. From the onset this group was a great source of support.  The team’s members are highly skilled, driven professionals. Tomerlin-ERP invested the time to get to know our company and we formed a true partnership.  It has been a pleasure working with this firm.
Kyle Monoe

Customer Service Manager, Alvord-Polk Tool

Tomerlin-ERP operated as a third party IT consultant we used for installation and training on complicated Epicor ERP software. They performed perfectly on all aspects of the services they provided: installations, upgrades, data migration, implementation, and training. Tomerlin-ERP proved to be a unique and valuable asset in these projects
Steve Hanks

General Manager, Monroe Industries

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