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Mr. Tomerlin’s business consulting began in 1983. In 1998, he launched his Epicor Kinetic ERP Consulting firm, Tomerlin-ERP, focused on manufacturers seeking to improve performance and reduce costs by using Epicor Kinetic ERP software. Initially, his clients were primarily aerospace, automotive, and medical parts manufacturers. ERP software addressing this market niche was in its infancy, but Epicor® software was, as it has continues to be, the leading ERP solution. Mr. Tomerlin is an expert with Epicor Kinetic ERP, Epicor® 10, Epicor® 9, Vantage®, and Vista®. More importantly, Mr. Tomerlin has in depth business experience and knowledge; he excels at managing people; he understands and can identify the big issues which must be managed and resolved to be successful; and he makes sure everyone has a sense of ownership in the implementation process.

You are most likely reading about Tomerlin-ERP because you are looking for an Epicor ERP consulting firm you can trust! We say “trust” because it is more comprehensive than “reply on.” Tomerlin-ERP has a track record of being trustworthy and so has Epicor ERP software. We understand your need in trusting the Epicor ERP consulting team you select to implement your end-to-end ERP software. We understand why you selected Epicor Kinetic ERP software and why you are considering Tomerlin-ERP as your consulting firm. For 20+ years we have exclusively been working with Epicor ERP software. Epicor Software Corporation has relied on us to serve some of its most valued customers. We have worked with Epicor ERP customers since 1998. Those customers have been in every state in the lower 48 states, in northern Mexico and eastern Canada.

From quote to cash and purchase to payment, it is important you and your team are comfortable with the consultants with whom you choose to work. Because…having a competent Epicor ERP consulting firm is just not enough.

Our team of consultants has great depth of knowledge, collectively averaging over 16.5 years of Epicor experience. Many of us launched our Epicor ERP career on version 3.2. Since that start, we have been very proud to state we have completed over 300+ implementations, hundreds of upgrades, and many re-implementations of other’s failures, while we have never had an implementation or upgrade failure. We know of no other Epicor ERP consulting firm which can make this claim. Because of this experience we have developed a broad based knowledge of Epicor ERP installation, optimization, implementation, upgrading, training, customizations, and support. We provide all of the professional services you require. Make no mistake, our focus will be on your business.

One of our capabilities which makes us stand out from the other ERP consulting firms is our change management skills. You will find us to be collaborative partners. We know when your ERP software is not implemented correctly and your users are not trained properly, all you have in the end is a very expensive word processor. We will enable you to leverage your business off the integrated database on which Epicor ERP is built.

Consultants skilled in change management understand the importance of identifying those users who will be fearful of the implementation of the new ERP software, sometimes even when it is just an upgrade. These individuals most often are your users who never understand the why behind the transactions they perform in your current ERP software but have simply memorized steps of their responsibilities…you know who they are. They fear they will not be able to memorize the keystrokes of the new ERP software. It has been our observation these users often attempt to scuttle the implementation. There are two ways to handle this scenario. First and very important, we provide training to these individuals and lots of it. Second and most critical, we invite them into the process. We ask their opinion and this gives them a sense of ownership in the outcome. When people have ownership, we find they generally want the project to succeed.

We always ask a new owner of Epicor Kinetic ERP software to share their short list of reasons why they purchased their new Epicor ERP solution. The three most often given reasons are job costing, job scheduling, and analytical reporting. No one is surprised by these answers. However, as important as job scheduling seems to be to everyone, it is rarely successfully implemented. The reason you are never hear on most short lists is the most important. That reason is perpetuity. Now you are asking yourself how could an ERP solution ever provide perpetuity. Before we address how ERP solutions provides perpetuity, let’s talk about finite job scheduling and save perpetuity for last.

Why do so few companies successfully launch finite job scheduling? First, few ERP consulting companies understand how finite scheduling functions and do not know how to implement and launch this vital module. Epicor has told Tomerlin-ERP fewer than 5% of its 20,000+ worldwide installations have successfully launched finite scheduling, the most important of the various scheduling options. Tomerlin-ERP considers itself the #1 EXPERT in finite job scheduling. So, let’s discuss the one module in ERP software no human can replace, finite job scheduling. How could you ever expect a human to be able to manage 100s and maybe even 1000s of active jobs in an Excel spreadsheet, much less in their head. And it is finite scheduling which will enable your company to ship on time. How important is shipping on time to your customers? What are the unexpected benefits of shipping on time? First, without asking your existing customer base for more work, you will be awarded more purchase orders simply because you have started shipping on time. Shipping on time will reduce work-in-process which will relieve working capital for other uses, increase factory throughput, in other words, increase WIP turns per year. If you want this vital Epicor ERP module to become a functioning part of your Epicor ERP solution, you can stop your search and contact Tomerlin-ERP today.

Let’s return our discussion to the most important reason to have any ERP solution…it is PERPETUITY! What does perpetuity have to do with ERP software and how could it be the most important reason to have an ERP solution? Have you ever considered the tribal knowledge which resides only in the heads of your employees, including your most knowledgeable, long-term employees? When these employees leave your company and they all will someday, their knowledge leaves with them. By capturing their tribal knowledge in your Epicor ERP software, you don’t lose that information with their departure and it is retained forever. This way the new employees which replace the departing employees will have access to their years of knowledge. The fact tribal knowledge is not lost increases the likelihood your company will experience perpetuity.

All of us here at Tomerlin-ERP know your company is unique. Your team is unique. Your business will be uniquely scalable with the strategic implementation of Epicor ERP. We are here to assist in realizing the fullness of your unique potential.

Monte Tomerlin

Jon Farley,Manager IT Services,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Installation,Epicor Optimization,Epicor Upgrade.Tomerlin-ERP | Epicor ERP

Jon Farley

Mgr – IT Services

Jon, a degreed  IT professional, has been managing Epicor IT services for over 18 years. Tomerlin-ERP’s IT services provides Epicor ERP software Installation, Optimization, Upgrade. We provide complete Epicor ERP IT Services with highly experienced and certified technicians. We can install your Epicor ERP & 3rd party software.

Tomerlin-ERP | Epicor ERP,Jeremiah Moore,Manager - Customizations,Custom Reports,Custom Screen,Custom Forms,BAQs,BPMs,Dashboards,Quick Searches

Jeremiah Moore

Mgr – Customizations

Tomerlin-ERP’s Customization team is led by Jeremiah Moore. They have extensive experience creating custom screens, custom forms and reports, customs fields, BAQs, BPMs, dashboards, quick searches, etc. These tools help to facilitate data entry and retrieval by your end users.

Don Agostino,Manager User Training,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Production Training,Epicor Distribution Training,Epicor Financial Training

Don Agostino PhD

Mgr – User Training

User training is one of the important keys to a successful implementation. Before coming to work with Tomerlin-ERP, Don was the author of many of the Epicor course manuals and was an instructor as well. No one compares to Don’s depth and breadth of knowledge of Epicor ERP software and its many 3rd party modules.

Kerry Ropelato,Manager Implementation,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified,Epicor Production Implementation,Epicor Distribution Implementation

Kerry Ropelato

Mgr – Implementation

Implementation of your Epicor ERP software is complex and it demands experience. Solving the business issues is often very easy, capturing the support and enthusiasm of your ERP users during implementation is most often the factor that determines the degree to which the implementation meets management’s expectations.

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