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Monte Tomerlin

His story

Mr. Tomerlin’s business consulting began in 1983. In 1998, he launched his Epicor ERP Consulting firm, Tomerlin-ERP, focused on manufacturers seeking to improve performance and reduce costs. Initially, his clients were primarily aerospace, automotive, and medical parts manufacturers. ERP software addressing this market niche was in its infancy, but Epicor® software was, as it has continued to be, the leading ERP product. Mr. Tomerlin is an expert with Epicor® 10, Epicor® 9, Vantage®, and Vista®. More important, Mr. Tomerlin has in depth business experience and knowledge, he excels at managing people, he understands and can identify the big issues which must be managed and resolved to be successful, and he makes sure everyone has a sense of ownership in the implementation process.

Jon Farley,Manager IT Services,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Installation,Epicor Optimization,Epicor Upgrade.Tomerlin-ERP | Epicor ERP

Jon Farley

Manager – IT Services

Jon, a degreed  IT professional, has been managing Epicor IT services for over 18 years. Tomerlin-ERP’s IT services provides Epicor ERP software Installation, Optimization, Upgrade. We provide complete Epicor ERP IT Services with highly experienced and certified technicians. We can install your Epicor ERP & 3rd party software.

Tomerlin-ERP | Epicor ERP,Jeremiah Moore,Manager - Customizations,Custom Reports,Custom Screen,Custom Forms,BAQs,BPMs,Dashboards,Quick Searches

Jeremiah Moore

Manager – Customizations

Tomerlin-ERP’s Customization team is led by Jeremiah Moore. They have extensive experience creating custom screens, custom forms and reports, customs fields, BAQs, BPMs, dashboards, quick searches, etc. These tools help to facilitate data entry and retrieval by your end users.

Don Agostino,Manager User Training,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Production Training,Epicor Distribution Training,Epicor Financial Training

Don Agostino PhD

Manager – User Training

User training is one of the important keys to a successful implementation. Before coming to work with Tomerlin-ERP, Don was the author of many of the Epicor course manuals and was an instructor as well. No one compares to Don’s depth and breadth of knowledge of Epicor ERP software and its many 3rd party modules.

Kerry Ropelato,Manager Implementation,Tomerlin-ERP,Epicor Certified,Epicor Production Implementation,Epicor Distribution Implementation

Kerry Ropelato

Manager – Implementation

Implementation of your Epicor ERP software is complex and it demands experience. Solving the business issues is often very easy, capturing the support and enthusiasm of your ERP users during implementation is most often the factor that determines the degree to which the implementation meets management’s expectations.

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