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Are you using Vantage®, Vista®, or Epicor ERP 9, it is time to UPGRADE!

Epicor ERP Upgrade


It’s time to upgrade if you are on Vista, Vantage, Epicor 9, Epicor 10.0, or Epicor 10.1

Epicor ERP Upgrade to 10.2 from Vista, Vantage, Epicor 9, Epicor 10, or Epicor 10.1. Tomerlin-ERP began supporting Epicor software when the active version was v3.2. Tomerlin-ERP consultants have 20 years of experience upgrading hundreds of Epicor ERP installations. There are two upgrade options. The first option is a 100% data migration. The second option brings over only the static data, like, Customers, Customer Contacts, Customer Ship-Tos, Customer Ship-Tos Contacts, Suppliers, Supplier Contacts, Supplier Purchase Points,Supplier, Purchase Point Contacts, Parts, Part Revisions, Part Lot #s, Part Serial #s, Part quantity by location, Part Costs, Open Sales Orders, Open Purchase Orders, Open Job Headers, Open AR Invoices, Open AP Invoices, and beginning GL Balances. Closed Documents can also be brought over. In addition, all dependency field data, like, Countries, Territories, FOBs, etc. And of course, we fully implement all new modules or new aspects of existing modules.

So, if you are still on version 8 are earlier and want to upgrade to Epicor ERP 10.2 or higher, we recommend you use Epicor’s new cloud-based data migration tool, called Cirrus. We recommend this option only if your original implementation was performed correctly and since the implementation your Epicor users have enter all data correctly. You will have a great upgrade experience using the new Cirrus upgrade tool.

However, if you did not have a good implementation and your users have not enter data correctly, Cirrus will not fix your database during the upgrade. No matter the version of Epicor software from which you are migrating, if your database is bad now, it will be bad after the migration. If this is the case, then your only option is to bring over static data only. Our recommendation is to take advantage of this opportunity, which may not come again for years, and have an experienced, capable Epicor ERP consulting firm, like Tomerlin-ERP, correctly implement your new Epicor ERP software and then bring over your static data from your old Epicor software. With training on your new software, your staff will be able to correctly and timely entered data into your new Epicor ERP 10 software. As a result, you will benefit from all of the functionality you thought you had purchased all of the many years ago.

If you ever thought your company owned the most expensive word processor on the planet and you are ready to upgrade your Epicor ERP software, let Tomerlin-ERP do it for you. With a clean, fully integrated and properly implemented database, your word processor days will be behind you. You will finally have that fully functioning Epicor ERP system you thought you bought years ago.

Ask Tomerlin-ERP to perform an assessment of the state of your Epicor ERP database. We will recommend the best option for your company when you are ready to upgrade.

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6 Reasons to Upgrade: Performance, Productivity, Business Assurance, Global Scalability, Connectedness, and Cloud Ready


When you upgrade to Epicor ERP 10.1 or higher, you will increase your users’ performance.

  • Reduce complexity for IT.
  • Increase stability.
  • Improve user experience.


Simplified workflow for managing your business complexities.

  • Epicor ERP features are based on latest best practices and designed by your industry peers.
  • In most instances Epicor ERP should be compliant with your industry standards.
  • The new features are more efficient and your employees/users will be pleased with the new responsiveness.

Business Assurance

Make better decisions with the information timeliness and accuracy.

  • Reduced risks and costs.
  • Easier to support.
  • Better ROI.

Global Scalability

With Epicor ERP you will be able to manage your multinational growth.

  • Multinational compliant and ready to launch when you are.
  • Most likely Epicor ERP will have the language package you require..
  • Epicor ERP can manage thousands of simultaneous users.


Almost anywhere you go, you can stay connected to Epicor ERP.

  • Mobile enabled.
  • eCommerce ready.
  • Embedded social options.

Cloud Ready

Whenever you become ready to enter the cloud, Epicor ERP will make it seamless.

  • Improve you ROI on your ERP investment…migrate to the Cloud.