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Epicor Upgrade Services

Upgrade from Epicor® 9, Vantage 9, or Vista 8

Are you struggling with legacy ERP software?

If you are searching for Epicor upgrade services, then reach out to Tomerlin-ERP, an independent Epicor® consulting firm which has been in the Epicor® ERP consulting business for over 20 years. Our consultants have often teamed up to help clients migrate from their legacy ERP software to the most recent Epicor® ERP solution. Sure, Epicor’s® Enterprise, Vista and Vantage products once worked wonders for manufacturers and distributors. However, these industries have undergone massive changes since these systems debuted, outdating much of their functionality. Furthermore, as your software ages, its performance inevitably diminishes, slowing down processes and even putting sensitive data at risk.

Regularly upgrading your ERP software sets your business up for future successes. Migrating to the latest version of Epicor doesn’t just mitigate risk; it introduces cutting-edge features and provides more comprehensive, reliable tools to your workplace. Continue reading to learn about some of the advantages legacy Epicor users can expect when they upgrade to Epicor 10 when they rely upon Tomerlin.

One very necessary step in the preparation for migrating to the latest version of Epicor® is Epicor® ERP 10 training. Contact Tomerlin-ERP for all of your training needs.

Better User Experience

With Epicor® 10.2 came a brand-new home page. Everything from the color scheme, the layout of the charts and of course the displayed datasets can be personalized for each user. This means every employee can easily design their interface to support their daily tasks. Intuitive dashboards can also be viewed from any device at any time, enabling users to access critical data on the go. These features ensure successful user adoption, thereby increasing ROI.

Better Efficiency

One of the major changes introduced in E10 was an all-new architecture operated entirely on a Microsoft Stack. This update gave a big boost to performance nearly doubled from E9. Additionally, Epicor 10 streamlined processes and improved transparency. E10 automates engineering activities and tracks parts throughout your shop and warehouse. Kanban flows can also be enacted to create a lean, productive shop floor. An Epicor ERP upgrade is a must to achieve optimal productivity.

Better Insight

The 10.2 gave users another development: Epicor® Data Discovery. EDD consists of business intelligence (BI) tools which provide a quick, easy method of viewing and drilling into specific datasets and key performance indicators (KPIs). Epicor® 10 also replaced Crystal Reports with SSRS. SSRS has become the go-to reporting system because of its superior mobility and flexibility.

Furthermore, when Epicor® Vantage and Vista users move to E10, they gain up to 2000 new capabilities and 20 new modules. The comprehensive range of features allows a 360-degree view of data and processes. With this level of insight, businesses can achieve an unprecedented level of transparency and collaboration, facilitating smarter decision making.

What’s Next?

Ready to take your manufacturing or distribution business to the next level? Contact the consultants at Tomerlin-ERP. After helping countless clients move to the latest versions of Epicor®, we have the experience and expertise to take on your Epicor ERP projects to transform your enterprise!