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So, what benefits does the finite scheduling capability bring to you and your customers? Let’s take a look at the top four benefits of using this powerful Epicor® module.

1. Deliver on Time

Have any of your customers ever praised you for delivering their products late? Of course not. Finite scheduling helps you meticulously plan for all aspects of producing and shipping product on time.

It takes a lot of the manual scheduling work off your hands, calculates risk and identifies potential bottlenecks, all of which help you get orders into customer hands faster.

2. Reduce WIP

Reducing your WIP helps you visualize your capacity better, eliminate “starve” downtime and coordinate material management more effectively.

Many times, reducing WIP isn’t as easy as looking at your production line and making a simple change. Getting everything to sync up correctly can be incredibly hard. Finite scheduling in Epicor® ERP can do this for you.

3. Free Up Capital

Even when you have healthy asset management, you might find it difficult to free up capital for other important uses. With finite scheduling, you can have both.

When shipping and asset management go hand in hand, you’ll find that your customers pay on time. This then frees up working capital.

4. Gain More Trust from Customers

As you deliver more orders early or on time, you’ll start to gain more trust from your customers. Finite scheduling helps you deliver on-time orders more regularly, which earns you more return business.

Don’t Wait to Implement Finite Scheduling

Do you think finite scheduling can help your business? We know it can!

Contact us today to learn more about how Tomerlin-ERP’s years of experience with Epicor® Kinetic finite scheduling can help you take your shipping to the next level.