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Epicor® Kinetic Advanced Modules

The Advanced Modules will facilitate your growth!

Epicor® Kinetic ERP has many Advanced Modules

Job Scheduling

Scheduling the planned and actual demand on resources can vary from one day to the next. And the availability of materials required on operations can cause scheduling estimates to generate unexpected results, causing jobs to be completed after their original Due Dates. Because of these issues, you must estimate the demand required each day or week to make sure that there is enough supply of time or other capacity to complete production quantities by the date on which they are due. Some jobs are also more important than others.


Epicor® DocStar, also known as, Epicor Enterprise Content Management is the technology used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. … ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization’s unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

Quick Ship

The Epicor Quick Ship application is tightly integrated with your Epicor solution for ease of implementation and seamless processing of shipping transactions by communicating to various carriers, calculating freight amounts, and printing carrier labels all within your Epicor solution. It offers rate shopping at the time of shipping to keep shipping costs low for your customers and to drive new loyalty for your business. Closing the loop, the calculated freight automatically flows back to Epicor for automated invoicing of freight charges.

XL Connect

Epicor® XL Connect is a self-service reporting and analytics solution nested in the user-friendly environment of Microsoft. The built-in query tool and drag-and-drop interface solves the universal problem of relying on others to create customized reports. It works with your Epicor and Microsoft Excel data sources and includes intuitive features that allows business users to answer many of their own questions. For the analysts, XL Connect means that manual and ad-hoc reports can be automated in a matter of minutes—saving time for more critical activities.

Product Configurator

The Epicor® Configurator is designed to facilitate the efficient ordering, manufacture and inspection of highly customizable products with complex requirements and a myriad of options. It provides companies that build highly customizable and dimensional Make-to-Order (MTO) products with the ability to create accurate Methods of Manufacture.

Service Connect

Epicor® Service Connect is a workflow and application integration environment. You can use Service Connect to run a workflow within a single application or to run workflows that span multiple applications. Because it uses documents as its primary interface and leverages a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Service Connect simplifies the data conversion process from one application to suit the needs of other applications.

Mattec MES & Integration

Epicor® Mattec MES uses Data Integration to manage production from a central location and seamlessly integrate data flow between Epicor ERP and Mattec MES. This integration allows you to reduce errors from manual data entry in both applications and get timely and accurate data to enable better manufacturing decisions. Epicor ERP production planning and job data are exported to Mattec MES for use when performing and monitoring shop floor activities. In Mattec MES, production data is monitored and recorded for use in process and quality control monitoring and analysis. Labor and production data recorded in Mattec MES will then flow back to Epicor ERP where the data can be used for costing, reporting and production analysis.

Advanced Quality

Epicor® Advanced Quality Management (AQM) provides a powerful and proven solution that offers a unique model for integrating quality systems to achieve superior enterprise-wide performance. It helps companies to become more competitive and profitable, and to achieve and maintain compliance, e.g, ISO 9000, TS-16949, AS 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and registration faster and at a lower cost than other systems. If you are not ready for Advanced Quality, then consider Epicor’s Enhanced Quality Assurance module.

Enhanced Quality

You can use the Epicor® Enhanced Quality Assurance module to create your unique inspection plans and assign them to part revisions, return material authorizations, job materials, and operations. Skip Lot processing is available to you when determining the frequency you should inspect when receiving materials. You can also assign an inspection plan to an asset, resource, or equipment for collecting calibration data.

Salesforce Integration

Epicor® Kinetic ERP and Salesforce Integration takes Salesforce.com, a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application, that manages customer relationship, sales pipeline and quote information and analytics and through a scheduled processes that exports and imports information automatically, like, customer, contact, part, and opportunity/quote data between the two applications. The processes are largely invisible to the end user of both applications.

Commerce Connect

Product information tiered pricing, customers and inventory levels can be displayed directly from your production ERP database. Orders can be submitted and processed immediately allowing the customer to use their terms or credit card for purchase. Epicor® Commerce Connect also provides deep integration with your order fulfillment process and makes it available to your customers online. At the time of requesting a quote or placing an order, customers will be able to select the available shipping methods and determine their freight cost. Once the orders are placed, online tracking allows them to see when their product was shipped and lets them track the shipment through the carrier.

Material Requirements Planning

Epicor® Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a set of planning tools that lets you both estimate potential demand and propose the supply that will answer this demand. It does this by generating job, purchase, and transfer order suggestions. MRP is designed primarily for companies that manufacture make to stock quantities or mixed-mode manufacturers that run both custom and stock products. Regular use of MRP lets you anticipate the future demand for your company’s products, ensuring that materials are in the right place at the right time. This functionality gives you the ability to forecast production and material demand. It also gives you a fast way to create suggestions that can be turned into job, transfer order, or purchase order records.

EDI Demand

The Epicor® EDI Demand module interface is designed to automate sales efforts and facilitate closer supplier-customer partnerships. It allows you to receive inbound electronic demand information from your trading partners into your Epicor application, process the information in an automated manner, generate the appropriate sales order, acknowledgement, forecast, shipping and invoice documents, and in turn, send the required information back to your trading partners via outbound EDI transactions.

Product Lifecycle

Epicor® Product Lifecycle Management manages the complexity of engineering to manufacturing to ensure the right product is produced with the right build and the collaboration between engineering and production is secure.

Human Capital Management

Epicor® Human Capital Management automates everything related to HR in a single software system, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all data for your employees, from application to retirement. With its automated workflow, powerful reporting and analytic tools, and seamless integration to your Epicor or alternative solution, you gain a complete view of your employees.


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