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Epicor ERP Overview

Tomerlin-ERP consulting brings you the best ERP solution available. Epicor ERP was originally designed 30 years ago for automotive machine shops. Today it is used by manufacturers in many different industries. To list a few: aerospace and defense, automotive, medical devices, electronics, energy, furniture, rubber and plastics. In addition, it is used in distribution industries, like: construction supplies, electrical, fasteners, janitorial, medical supplies, packaging, paper, plumbing supplies, and many others.

In order to serve this rapidly growing community of Epicor users, Epicor ERP has developed many vital solutions: Order Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Inventory Management, Human Capital Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Field Service Management, Document Management, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Planning and Scheduling, eCommerce, and Customer Relationship Management.

Tomerlin-ERP Overview

Tomerlin-ERP has the team you need supporting your company’s ERP solution. We provide all of the services you require. After your purchase of Epicor ERP, Tomerlin-ERP should be your Epicor ERP consulting firm. Tomerlin-ERP will assist in the selection of all hardware and software making sure it meets all of Epicor ERP’s sizing requirements, the installation of all Epicor and Epicor related software, total implementation, software customizations, if needed, custom forms and reports, on-site and/or remote training, and after the sale and implementation support.

Everyone wants to go “paperless.” Why not, it makes your company much more efficient. Let Tomerlin-ERP install and implement the Epicor Document Management module and you will be paperless in no time!

Do you need to reduce Work-In-Progress, be able to tell your customers with confidence when you will ship, and does your customer expect you to ship on time and hit their 3-day window. If this is important to your company, then ask Tomerlin-ERP to implement Advanced Planning and Scheduling along with finite job schedling. You will ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”

Epicor ERP will meet all of your needs…from Quote to Cash and Purchase to Payment. Give us a call now!

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